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An IT specialist in Russia has been living in a dense forest for a month to avoid mobilization

An IT specialist from one of the southern regions of Russia is hiding from mobilization in the forest. Several tents (for sleeping and for work), solar panels, a modem, an antenna, a chainsaw and a supply of food are the few things that make his life comfortable, reports Meduza.

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IT specialist Adam Kalinin (his name has been changed for security reasons) from one of the southern regions of Russia admitted that he was shocked when he learned about the mobilization.

Kalinin does not support the Russian invasion of Ukraine - for participating in anti-war actions, the court imposed a fine and several days of arrest on him. The IT specialist decided not to wait for the agenda. But he did not want to leave Russia, as two of his colleagues did ("I'm not ready for this") - and went into the forest.

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“I always had an option in front of my eyes: either I will go to the store, and then they will take me by the arms to the military registration and enlistment office, or I will be in not very comfortable conditions in the forest, but free. It wasn’t exactly an easy decision,” Kalinin said.

According to the man, his relatives supported him. Preparations for going out into the forest took about a week. Over the past few years, Adam said, he often went hiking, and therefore he already had experience and many necessary things - for example, a chainsaw, a regular saw, an ax, a modem and an antenna. I had to buy only solar panels.

Kalinin set up two tents in the forest. One is where “it doesn’t blow, there is sun, a clearing, everything is cool”, “but there is no Internet”, - for sleeping. The second is a three-minute walk from the first, where "the weather is not very good if the wind is blowing, but there is Internet" - for work. He calls it his "office".

Adam talks about life in the forest in his telegram channel "Logical Forester".

He usually gets up around seven in the morning, when "the birds begin to chirp." Breakfast - Kalinin, with the help of his wife, organized a food warehouse an hour's walk from the place of lodging for the night, near the road. «I just bought a dumpster. It is large, rather cheap and allows you to keep all the supplies that I took there: canned food, doshirak, tea, coffee, sugar, ”he said. Adam cooks food with a composite gas cylinder and burner. She uses rainwater for cooking and drinking. His favorite dish is "oatmeal with prunes, raisins, maybe condensed milk or cream with sugar."

Kalinin works eight hours a day, five days a week. The rest of the time he equips his home. He has no experience in construction, but he has YouTube and a desire to do "something more serious" - "not a tent, but some kind of house, maybe."

Adam admits that he lacks a washing machine and a shower, he has to wash himself with wet wipes. But he is sure that the mobilized are now much worse: “People get into these training units, and they are there in some completely wild conditions. No one needs it, get everything for yourself there, buy everything. And besides, it is not clear why you are there. Someone explains this to their long homeland, someone else somehow. But I don't see any benefit from it at all. We are not defending anyone, of course, but we are attacking. And it's very sad."

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Kalinin doubts that someone can find him in the forest. He has not seen people for a long time. “I don’t suffer much from this,” Adam admitted. “But I would like, of course, to see my friends, my wife.” The wife should visit him in about a week - a month after their last meeting.

Initially, according to the IT specialist, he planned to spend a month in the forest. But now he does not know how long he will have to stay. “Given the latest news…” he said. “In general, it is possible that I will continue to be here.”

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