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The story of a young American woman who brought her boyfriend to suicide by SMS

Is it possible to kill with a word? A girl from a town in Massachusetts was tried for murder. The prosecutors insisted that her calls and text messages pushed her boyfriend to suicide. Can the speech alone be enough to find her guilty of the death of a guy? Lampa translated article edition Esquirewhose author tried to find answers.

Messages poured in the night when her son disappeared. Lynn Roy saw the first sms 12 July 2014 of the year around 22: 30: “You do not know where he is?”. The second came the next day: “Have you called the police yet?”. And then the third: "Is there news?". The sender, Michelle Carter, was familiar to Lynn as a girl with whom her son Conrad corresponded. She assumed they were friends. It turned out that Michelle was worried for a reason: on that day, July 13, the police found Conrad in the cab of her Ford F-250 pickup truck in a parking lot outside a supermarket. Kmartsuffocated by carbon monoxide.

Swarms lived in Mattapoyzett, a coastal town with a population of about six thousand people in the south of the state. During a memorial service, Lynn was approached by a 17-year-old blonde with her mother. She introduced herself as Michelle Carter. Michelle said she came from a suburb called Plainville, which is an hour north. Lynn has never been there. Later, Conrad’s father, Conrad Roy II, discovered a diary at home, where his son recorded passwords from his iPhone and a laptop, as well as suicide notes. One of them was addressed to Michel, a certain girl whom his son met a year ago while on holiday. “Be strong in harsh times. Our songs, listen to them and remember me. ” In the other it was written: "Dad, I am sorry that I did not live up to your expectations." Conrad II was the captain of the rescue vessel, which suggested frequent two-week absences from home, including the one that began the day after Conrad was born. Later, the relationship between father and son became strained. In February of this year, Konrad II hit his son in the face, after which the son went to the hospital and his father to the police.

Photos: Facebook

Some time after the funeral, Camdin, Conrad's younger sister, received an e-mail from Michelle.

“Everyone thinks Konrad has committed suicide because of ridicule. But I know the real reasons, ”she wrote.

In the letter she inserted excerpts from Conrad's messages: “Every night I pray that all this is just a bad dream and that I will wake up happy, proud of myself and a good boy. The world is a terrible place, full of terrible people. There are not enough really good people like you and me who care. ” Camdin showed e-mail mom.

Lynn recognized her son's tone. After she divorced Conrad the elder, her son began to have a difficult time. He got into school fights, refused to get up in the morning. As a Catholic, he believed that the Lord probably was testing him. But a week before 12 July, he seemed to feel better. He began to talk with Lynn about the future, and on the morning of suicide, he even walked with her along the beach.

“I wish it was different, but you need to know that this is not your fault,” Michelle wrote in her letter to Lynn on July 25.

Michelle hoped that the police would be able to find something. "Any news from the detective?" - asked Michelle's mother, Gale, to Lynn in August. - I think about you, your family and Conrad every day. My heart breaks from this, as well as from thoughts of Michelle, who loved Conrad as much as an 17-year-old girl is capable of. ”

One night, Lynn dreamed that Michelle helped Conrad's best friend, Tom Gammell, to cope with depression. It was a good dream, so when she woke up, Michelle wrote about it. By that time, Conrad had been dead for about a month, and Lynn accepted the fact that Michelle had a closer relationship with her son than she thought. The 18-year-old boy hid a lot from his parents, so Lynn wasn’t surprised that he had a secret love relationship.

When school began in September, everyone witnessed Michelle Carter’s grief over her boyfriend, who had been tragically killed. On September 13 (the day after Conrad’s 19 anniversary) she held a collection of donations to the suicide prevention fund in his memory. She was surrounded by her friends, but they were whispering among themselves in confusion:

“Before the suicide, he was never her boyfriend, but just a friend,” one of her football team partners told me.

If Michel could be characterized by one trait, then this would be “intrusive benevolence.” If you did something good to her, she would thank you until you were uncomfortable. And if it upset you, 50 apologized at first, and then apologized for the apologies.

The girls, who were popular, worked in the ice-cream parlor and had a driver's license. Michelle got her rights late, which is why she had the feeling that she was younger. “She was just very naive. It seemed to me that her parents were too much to protect her, ”one of her classmates told me. Outside of school, Michelle was on her own. In her first year of study, she lost so much weight that she had to leave the softball team. “People sat on her head, rode her. Michelle lacked self-confidence like the rest, ”said her friend Evan Andrews.

Michel Carter

A few months after Conrad’s suicide, a man approached Michel and introduced himself as a detective. Michel is a miniature girl, and the policeman looms over her like a mountain. He said that he had looked at Conrad’s phone and knew that she was talking to Conrad on the night of suicide “until he stopped contacting”.

Michelle was polite and willing to cooperate. “He told me that no one would help him. I talked to him on the phone until twelve, and then the phone turned off. I did not attach much importance to this, ”she said.

The detective said that he had a warrant for the withdrawal of her phone.

- Do you want to pick up my phone? Michelle asked. Screensaver on the lock screen was set photo of Conrad. - Can I get it back then? Can I write your phone number?

But the detective said it was superfluous.

After 15 minutes away, accompanied by a police car, David Carter and his daughter arrived in the quiet area of ​​Plainville, to their home in a cozy dead end. There, Michelle handed the police passwords to her laptop (“fuckingfuck47") And a smartphone.

Swarm a month before suicide. Photo: video frame

Investigators pulled Michelle 317 correspondence pages from his phone. Lynn Roy told me that Conrad and Michelle saw each other no more than five times. On these 317 pages is the whole story of their relationship.

It all started in February 2012. Fifteen-year-old Michelle went to Florida to visit her grandmother and grandfather. Konrad was in the house next door, visiting Aunt. They rode bikes to the beach, looked at the alligators, and when they returned home, Camdin told her mom that Conrad was "acquainted with someone."

In Massachusetts, the paths of Michel and Conrad would never have crossed. The children from Plainville imagined their peers from the south coast "hard", not least because of racist overtones. Plainville is as white as snow, while south is “multiethnic,” as teenagers have learned to express themselves correctly. “We don’t even play sports with them,” said one of the teammates Michelle.

Michelle's parents have a good job: David, the son of a bank vice president is a sales manager, and Gail is decorating interiors for real estate agents. Conrad's father was accustomed to working with his hands: when the “miracle on the Hudson” occurred in 2009, he was the one who towed the plane to the shore. Lynn has always been a nurse.

When Michelle went to school in the year of their acquaintance, she said that she had made a friend on the south coast, which sounded a bit exotic.

That October Konrad tried to commit suicide by drinking a bottle of Tylenol (Paracetamol). He was vomited with a dark red liquid, after which he woke up and wrote to his friend: “Do you even care what happens to me?”.

It was like a test, and Michelle tried to pass it. “Oh my God,” she replied. - This is all because of me?".

To make a girl worry about you is one of the greatest achievements for a teenage guy. Conrad must have felt this, for Michelle's words caused a stream of further admissions. He said that his stomach was killed by Tylenol, and she replied that her liver was killed by malnutrition. He said that the devil was in sight at the hospital, and she replied that the devil had crept into her bed and she would go to hell.

That summer, in the softball team, Michelle became close to a girl named Alice Feltsmann, with whom they became not spill water. When the team left for the guest meeting, they dined only together, separately from the rest. Alice thought Michelle was funny and kind. Returning from a trip, Michelle often stayed overnight with Alice. They walked, swam in the pool at Michel, and ran away from home at three in the morning to play basketball. And then, without explaining anything, Alice abruptly stopped responding to sms Michelle. “This whole situation with Alice is driving me depressed,” she wrote to Conrad. He told her not to take it to heart.

“Do you want to have sex?” He asked a week later.


"Ok, let's do it."

“Not now,” answered Michelle. - In future".

Conrad said next fall that he was going to flee to California. One. “Obviously, I will have to move with you,” Michelle wrote to him. “It's like 583829 miles from here.” I can't be so far away from you. ”


"We would change our lives and be happy."

In winter, Conrad’s 2014 was suspended from school because of the fight. In search of a friendly shoulder, Conrad went to visit Tom Gammell. The guys communicated closely, but were not particularly close: they were on the same baseball team, and they also played together on the console.

The visit did not bring anything good. “I did not get enough sleep, I feel bad. I do not know why I can’t feel just normal, ”he wrote to his mother. Michelle wrote: “I was uncomfortable and again depressed. It feels like everything around has been turned upside down. ”

In June, Michel was sent to the hospital for treatment for anorexia. She advised Conrad to go together to cure him of depression: “We will cope with our illnesses together. Think about it. Yourself will not help, no matter how much you convince yourself of this. You need professional help from those who know how to deal with it. ”

Konrad did not support this idea, but three weeks later he said that he wanted to commit suicide.

“We should be like Romeo and Juliet,” he wrote.

"I would like to be your Juliet."

"But you know what happens there at the end."

“O YES, BUT BL *** NO. WE WILL NOT DIE. It's not funny. I thought you were just trying to be romantic. ”

"I know I lied to you."

29 Jun Michelle began to support him. “How about you hang yourself or stab yourself with a knife?” She asked. The next day, she wrote: "Why don't you just drink bleach?". Conrad actively supported the conversation. He found websites that estimate the likelihood of death with different methods of suicide. “Carbon dioxide or helium. I want to deprive myself of oxygen. I WANT TO DIE". He was worried about leaving the family. Michelle said that if her younger sister had died, she would “have grieved for a week or two,” and then would have recovered. “Will you leave me a note?” She asked.

3 July Conrad told Michel that he would do it. And the next morning, he was still alive. She was furious, thinking that he was mocking her. “YOU ARE ALL TIME TO DELAY!”. She continued to offer other options: a headshot has an 99% chance of success. Hanging - 89%. “Carbon dioxide is the best solution. You fall asleep in the car while she wound up. " Konrad was concerned that rescuers could inhale gas too. Michelle said that this is not a problem. Konrad said he could not decide where to go. What if someone finds him before he dies?

“It’s better not to take me by the nose, saying that you will do it, and then you will purposely stand up where you are caught,” Michelle wrote, and then asked if she would call her boyfriend when he died. He agreed.

In the evening of July 12, he left home, grabbing a water pump from the grandfather's closet. Parked in the parking lot of a department store Kmart, he twice talked with Michelle on the phone. The next day, Konrad Sr. phoned Lynn and said that he had seen his son's pickup, fenced with yellow tape.

Two months later, Michelle sent a text message to her friend Samantha Boardman, similar to a confession: “I could stop him. We talked when he got out of the car, because (carbon monoxide) began to act, and he got scared. And I, bl ***, told him to go back to the car. I could have stopped him, but I, bl ***, did not do that. I just had to tell him that I loved him. ”

In February, 2015, Michel was charged with manslaughter, a crime for which you can get 20 years in prison. Carters turned to lawyer Joseph Cataldo, who was known to acquit him on such serious charges as rape and the threat of an explosion.

The trial began in June 2017. The woman who was on the news right now was not like that round-faced girl who was charged two years ago. Now she had a thin, decorated face with gray-blue eyes, full lips and dark, mobile eyebrows, standing out from the background of blond hair. Dressed in a short white pea coat, she walked on her heels past journalists. “Is she her?” The TV producer whispered. Biting her lip, Michelle pushed open the door and disappeared.

She was free all spring, bail 2500 dollars, and rumors of her circulated throughout New England. “I have been to North Africa and the Middle East. “I saw what Saddam Hussein did with people,” said the president of the Northeastern Maritime Institute in Feirkhven, where Conrad was trained. “But this ... I don't want to talk about Satan, because I am not a religious person.” But if there is evil, then it is she. "

Kristin Monaghan, who played football with Michelle, last summer worked as a waitress in a pub near the college. “What she did was insane. Nobody in the city likes it anymore, she said. “For a while, Michelle was obsessed with me, and I felt that she liked me much more than I did.”

The bartender at the Red Rooster watched the news of the Facebook case: “If she was my daughter, I would have killed her myself.”

Her classmate, Emily Shane, reasoned that Michelle was recognized as sane: “But even if she were a psychiatric, how could she have done so? In the end, it all comes down to whether she feels guilty? ”.

The court has prepared thirteen pages of questions for the jury. Question number forty-three sounded like this: “Do you think that a person can commit a crime by words alone?”.

However, Cataldo gave the case an unexpected twist: Michelle refused the trial by jury, leaving all power in the hands of Judge Lawrence Moniz, a former teacher of English.

For a judge to convict, Deputy District Attorney Katie Rayburn would have to convince him that a reasonable person knows that his actions could have consequences in the form of serious injuries or death.

Rayburn - a lover of long oral passages, whose goal, not obvious at first, was revealed much later. She began by mentioning Conrad’s attempt to commit suicide in 2012. At first glance, this was in favor of Cataldo, since it meant that Conrad was planning to die regardless of Michelle. However, it later became clear what Reyburn was driving at. When Konrad tried to commit suicide for the first time, he called a friend and was saved. Two years later, under similar conditions, who was on the other end of the wire?

Relying in part on sms from Michelle's phone, Rayburn described her as a lonely, prudent girl who killed a doubting guy in order to win the attention of her peers. Rayburn said that her witnesses, Michel's classmates, “didn’t have time for her,” that is, they had duties and responsibilities, while Michelle, privileged but unpopular, lived in fantasies fed by her carelessness. In sms-kah she turned to Samantha Bordmen, as to her best friend. While under oath Samantha admitted that her best friend is Lexi.

They were asked if they had ever met Michelle outside of school: “Have you ever hung out together? Did you go for a walk on Fridays? ”

“I can't remember,” answered Lexi.

That week, when the suicide occurred, Samantha and Lexi spent the night at Michelle's. "Do you recall any details of that overnight stay?"

“Not really,” said Samantha.

In the end, Rayburn led her speech to the July 10 events. At three o'clock in the afternoon, Michelle first wrote to Samantha: "Conrad is gone, like they don't know where he is," and then Lexi: "Conrad is gone, they cannot find him anywhere." But 10 July Conrad did not disappear anywhere. Nine minutes before the SMS-girlfriends, Konrad wrote Michel, that goes to the store, and after another half an hour: "By the way, I love you."

That evening and the next day, Michelle continued to write parallel storylines. “Do you know if you can somehow die from a portable generator?” She asked Samantha on 17: 30. At 23 nights, Lexi asked Michelle if Conrad was there. Three minutes later, Michelle sent Conrad a text message: "Let me know when you're ready to do it." Two minutes later, she replied to Lexi: “Not yet. I am already beginning to lose hope of seeing him alive. ”

Rayburn called these sms to Michelle “rehearsal”. Rayburn insisted that Michelle wanted to draw attention to herself, wanted to make sure that Conrad’s death would give her that.

And on July 12 he still hesitated. “You need to do this Konrad, or I will bring help to you,” Michelle wrote to him.

"I will do it today."


“I promise, baby. Where should I go?

“Promises cannot be broken. Find a quiet parking lot. ”

In 18: 28 pm Conrad called Michelle. Their conversation lasted 42 minutes and 42 seconds. In 19: 12 Michelle called Conrad. They talked for another 46 minutes and 35 seconds.

Rayburn noted that death from carbon dioxide poisoning occurs in about 15 minutes, and Conrad's phone was found with a dead battery, so Conrad most likely died during the second phone call.

The next morning, Michelle wrote to him: “Did you do something ?! Konrad, I love you so much, please say this is a joke. I'm sorry, but I didn't think you were serious. I need you, answer me, please. I will find you help, you will be better, we will cope with this. ” At this point, Konrad was already dead for 12 hours. The purpose of this agitated message, Reibern told a judge, was to “cover up the tracks.”

Two days later, Michelle sent Samantha a new version of the story:

“I was talking to him while he was killing himself, I heard him crying in pain. I should have known, I should have done something. ”

“It's not your fault,” Samantha replied to her.

Reyburn brought many to tears with his final speech: “Did he continue to study suicide methods? Yes, he had questions for which he was looking for answers. We do not start every day with a clean slate: what happened to us before, remains with us. But there is always the opportunity to start all over again. ”

When Conrad was discovered in his car, he wore sunglasses and a T-shirt with the BOSTON STRONG inscription in support of the victims of the explosion at the Boston Marathon. If it were not for the unnaturally limp neck, one would think that he had dozed off. It is unlikely that these children understood that if you killed yourself, then you are dead, you will never come back.

The lawyer believed that the case against Michel was a case of unheard of overreaction. “This is what happens when you are looking for a perpetrator of suicide. You are trying to find a villain. But the point is not whether her behavior was acceptable. The whole point is, was she causing him to die? ”

Cataldo began with his version of the story: a guy named Conrad dragged a girl into his suicidal funnel. Cataldo quoted Conrad's search queries: "suicide with the help of a policeman," "ways to drown." He reminded everyone that the alleged perpetrator was far from the place of the alleged murder.

Counsel questioned the propriety of the charges. There is no law in the state that considers suicide a crime. So being an accomplice in a lawful occupation can also not be a crime. And although freedom of speech has a certain framework - it is impossible to voice “real threats”, Michelle did not threaten Conrad.

The lawyer brought the only witness to court. Peter Breggin, 81-year-old doctor, a specialist in psychopharmacology, put forward the theory of "involuntary intoxication." He said that "I have not met anyone who would be loved more than Michelle Carter." She always wanted to help people. When she helped, she was "the most genuine Michelle." In April, 2014, the doctor prescribed her 5 mg antidepressant citalopram. The drug distorted her willing nature to help — she convinced herself that encouraging Conrad's suicide was in itself a help.

When it came Reyburn to interrogate the witness, she picked up the book "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness" and asked Breggin to point to the section with "involuntary intoxication."

“This is a legal term,” he replied.

- But he is not in the directory? Asked Judge Moniz.

- Нет.

- Ok, next question.

The questions asked by Rayburn turned Breggin into a sort of eschatologist (eschatology - the doctrine of the afterlife of man, of the end of the world, which forms part of many religions - ed. "Lamps"). His answers turned into parables, and those present in the hall laughed at him. Under pressure from Rayburn, the anti-depressant discharge date from July 2 turned into a “period around July 2 ″. After such a survey it was difficult to believe in his competence.

Michelle's parents refused to testify, but later David Carter gave the court a description of his daughter, where he wrote:

"I am convinced that the medicine she took influenced her state of mind when it became difficult for her to distinguish good from bad."

Citalopram explained the behavior of Michelle to Carter just as Michelle explained Conrad’s death to Royam. “Involuntary intoxication” is a concept from the same category as “youth”. A kind of external force, invading children's lives and taking control in their own hands. “He was just a teenager,” Lynn Roy said. - as a child. He was vulnerable. Girls easily persuade adolescent boys, they are easy to manipulate, because boys cannot express their feelings. ”

On the day of the sentence in the courtroom there was no free space. Michelle was wearing a pale pink blouse adorned with water lilies. At the beginning of the meeting, Judge Moniz announced that the prosecution could not prove that the messages of Michel caused the death of Conrad. Cataldo straightened up and put his hand on Michelle’s shoulders. The girl whispered something to him, and then covered her face with her hands - sort of burst into tears.

But Monise changed his tone: “About two hundred years ago, a Hampshire prisoner was charged with the death of another prisoner who was in a nearby cell.” Cataldo's eyes narrowed, Michelle pulled herself together.

The person who committed suicide in 1815 was called Juitt, he was convicted of murder. On the night before the hanging, he himself hanged himself in his cell. The guards reported that his neighbor - an ordinary thief - so persistently persuaded Juitta to hang himself (“why give the executioner a make!”), That he should be held responsible for suicide. Then the judge advised the jury not to consider the forthcoming execution of Juitt as a mitigating circumstance for the thief:

"The bomber, even under the weight of the verdict, is inspired by hope until the very last moment of its existence."

Monise brought the moral of this story: "The decision of this court is made without reference to whether Conrad would commit suicide at any other time."

“Knowing that Conrad was in the car, Michelle took no action,” said Moniz. “She didn't call the police or the Roy family.” She did not notify his mother or sister, despite the fact that a few days before the incident, she learned their numbers. And finally, she simply did not say to him: "Get out of the car." Michelle’s inaction when it became necessary for her to act was malicious and negligent behavior. ”

The judge stated that he did not find Dr. Breggin’s evidence convincing.

Monise declared Michelle guilty and sentenced 15 to months of imprisonment.

Although Monise did not mention this, in the case of Jewitta the thief was acquitted. But Moniz had something that was missing in 1815: written evidence from a generation of continuous digital recordings.

After the verdict, I met with Evan Andrews. He became close with Michelle after the accusation and spent a lot of time with her during the trial. “We became close because we both had to go through shit. She helped me come out in front of my parents, ”he said.

He said that he and Michelle “in detail” discussed the night that Conrad died, but he did not want to appear in court as a witness. “I think that everything was not as malicious as the prosecutor drew to us. "She ordered him to return to the car." This is not Michelle. I can not imagine that she screamed at someone. " I asked what he thought about why Michelle did just that. “It’s not just drugs. More anxiety and eating disorders. ”

At one point, I said that many people described Michelle as a “support seeker.” Evan got angry. “Not a seeker. And the needy. There is a difference?".

Of course, the opinion of Michel's best friend does not cancel the sentence. But there is something in Reyburn's calculations that does not leave me alone. The idea that everything was planned out, with all the rehearsals and tracing, seems dubious.

Between June 29 and July 12, Conrad continually approached the brink of abyss and looked back. 9 July he was ready to turn on the generator.

"How long will you die?" :(, ”Michelle asked.

Konrad said he did not know: "Maybe in 5-30 minutes."

Three minutes later, Michelle wrote: "Wait, so you seriously, like this thing is included and you die?". In 5: 32 am: "Conrad." In 8: 41: "Konrad, please answer me right now, you scare me." Were these messages a cover?

It is worth considering the way she wove into her correspondence with Konrad invented things. Never before did she come across a similar one, so she had to borrow handy material from teenage pop culture. In July, 2013 died from an overdose, Corey Monteith, star of the TV series "Choir." His colleague and the girl he met in real life, Lia Michel, conducted a series episode about him. Michelle Carter wrote Conrad the words from that episode word for word. Five days before Conrad’s suicide, Michelle went to the movies for “It’s all the fault of the stars,” where the hero, dying of cancer, sits in his jeep and calls his girlfriend for help. After the film, Michelle wrote to Conrad: “I literally can't stop crying, lol, what's wrong with you?”.

In response to a quote from a speech by Leah Michel, Conrad wrote: "I think all these shows and the Internet are destroying our culture." Like many other young people, Konrad was sure that TV and social networks make his generation apathetic.

Looks like Konrad just didn’t match the pressure Michelle brought down on him.

Inside Michelle something completely different happened, she had her own drama. A week before Konrad’s suicide, she wrote to her classmate: “Remember, I was friends with a girl named Alice?” To another classmate, she also wrote about Alice: “I’m so obsessed with her that I don’t know how to stop. I think about her when I hear any love song and all that. ” To another friend, she wrote that the therapist had told her that she "was in the process of experiencing a loss." “I just need to find a way to close the wound,” Michelle wrote. Meanwhile, Conrad and his father drove the barges.

In August, I called Alice. I said that, apparently, she was an important person in the life of Michelle. Alice came to the meeting with her mother, Kelly Feltsmann, a tough woman.

Mostly Kelly said. According to her, in the summer of 2012, when the girls met, Alice was depressed. “I personally think that Michelle was interested in just that,” said Kelly. Michelle did not immediately like her:

“Super cute. No child can be so cute. ”

Kelly felt that Michelle is bad for Alice. The girls corresponded in the middle of the night, so Kelly had to confiscate Alice's phone. Then the daughter began to spend too much time on Facebook, talking with Michelle. Kelly decided that Michelle too aggressively "clung" to Alice, and forbade the girls to communicate. Alice, secretly from her mother, created another Facebook account, but even then Kelly opened it. "You will have to stop all communication," she ordered. This time Alice obeyed.

A year later, an envelope arrived at Alice with an unknown return address. Kelly opened it and found three sheets of hand-written paper — something like a love letter. Deciding that a letter from Michelle, Kelly hid it from her daughter, giving it away only after the verdict was announced. The existence of the letter was confirmed by another independent source, but Kelly and Alice refused to show it to me.

I said that Michelle mentioned her friendship with Alice in a romantic context, and also that she had the first kiss with Alice. I showed Alice SMS where Michelle writes about “love songs”. However, Alice said that their relationship never went to the physical level, and Kelly reported that Michelle invented everything.

I asked if Alice was worried when she saw the trial of her ex-girlfriend.

Kelly continued to sit, arms folded.

“No,” Alice replied.

Conrad’s last chance to rescue was at 19: 12 when Michelle called him and then told to climb back into the car. That call ended on 19: 58. According to the prosecutor, at this time Michelle already knew that Conrad was dead.

But later I saw that there were other calls that were not discussed at the trial. She called Conrad in 19: 59 for 21 seconds, after which the call went to voice mail. Then in 20: 02. Voice mail. In 20: 04, 20: 06, 21: 15, 21: 17, 21: 40, 21: 49. Voice mail. In 22: 22 she wrote Camdin, the sister of Conrad: “You do not know where he is?”. Camdin went out into the yard and showed sms mother.

In total, Michelle dialed Conrad 28 times after 19: 58. And these calls I could not put in any pre-planned scenario. These are calls of hopelessness. The calls of frenzy and despair, like a jump from the pier after the departing ship.

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