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History of Russians who moved to Hawaii

Russian site continues the series of materials about compatriots who left Russia and went abroad. This time, the publication writes about the history of Natalia, who changed Moscow to Hawaii.

Hawaii. Photo: Depositphotos

There was an idea

My husband and I moved from the monsoon-blown Vladivostok to Moscow at the very end of the 90's. They lived there for six years, but there was not a day when they would not recall the ocean and the fresh summer breeze. Vacation was carried out, as a rule, in Europe. The desire to change everything increased upon returning to Russia: only you get off the ladder - the mood drops. In addition, we wanted more adventures in life.

US gallop

The husband decided: to walk so to walk, and went to the USA. There he spent six months trying to find his Palestinians. So he entered the image of the discoverer that he did not linger anywhere for long, could not find the perfect place for a family nest. New York, according to his descriptions, came out even more noisy copy of Moscow, in Washington alerted the crime rate, in picturesque Maryland is boring, in the festive Miami stuffy, in Minneapolis cold.

In Chicago, he was nearly shot by stoned black guys, genuinely outraged that they were overtaken by a “white pig” on the road. I liked Boston and Denver, but there are cold winters. Los Angeles lacked fresh air and a starry sky, while San Francisco and Seattle lacked warm sea.

Having shook the US far and wide, getting rid of a solid share of family savings and a few pairs of rose-colored glasses, he sadly shared with me on the phone, if not invaluable, then at a very expensive conclusion: "The country is big and there is no place to live." But after my question about when he was going to return home, my husband stopped for a few minutes and then said: “There is one more place here. While my visa is valid, I fly to Hawaii for a couple of days, I will look around. ”

In the middle of the night I was woken by a bell. “Finally, I found what we need!”, The husband shouted joyfully into the phone. Hawaiian islands have waterfalls, turquoise waters, azure lagoons, endless beaches, volcanoes, palm trees, and even the trees I love so much.

It turned out to be more difficult

But in Moscow, his bronze tan and illusions quickly faded away. Everything turned out to be much more complicated. In order to organize everything correctly, we needed money, lawyers, and again money. Our "soon went" turned into a whole year of fees and expectations.

Russian friends and acquaintances did not understand our zeal: “Why do you need this? Take a trip to Machu Picchu, in Greece, Alaska, in the end, if you want so much adventure. But do not move to the island forever. Starting from scratch! What will you do? Now it is normal here. ”

One year later

But we did it anyway. We moved. I can quote the words of one of the taxi drivers who met us literally at the door of the airport and immediately drew us in conversation, but here they like to chat:

“Hawaii is not America. And we have our own queen, and there are fewer crimes, weapons are prohibited, and there are almost no murders. We are against wars and conflicts, we believe that every country should develop as its people want. And so glad to see everyone here. And we have less competition in any sphere than in other states, and the rules are simpler, ”he praised local life.

“And we know Russians. Hawaiians remember Queen Elizabeth. In her honor, local children called. The Russian fortress is still standing. And the Hawaiian king gave the island of Kauai to Alexander the Second. Did you have such a king? ” Noticing our surprise, he explained: “You don’t see that I’m a taxi driver, I used to be a history teacher. Now retired, and we, the Koreans, to sit at home and aging without a man is indecent. So I work as a taxi driver four days a week. ”

Inca Terra

Almost everyone asked what we are going to do here, how to make a living? Nevertheless, Hawaii is not the most explored territory for the Russian people.

At first, we decided to take on the most obvious - tourism. True, in this industry every third person from Russian-speaking countries operates here.

Having obtained a license (in Hawaii it is much easier than in other states of the USA), we got down to business. Website, mailing, marketing, calls to agencies in the United States and Russia. The process of sending letters seemed endless to us.

We learned

First, there is everything in the USA, and even with a surplus. If you came here with a brilliant idea, then you will quickly feel like the fifth knitting needle in a wheel. You will breathe in the back of the head another person five to ten of the same enthusiasts like you, who can do a little bit of everything.

Secondly, everything should be done as it should be. If you broke the law or adopted rules, very soon it will turn against you. Even if you just like to listen to loud music after 10 evenings.

Thirdly, one must be conscientious and not let others down. Then the doors of new possibilities will open before you.

Common misconception

It is widely believed that in the US you can live with an expired visa. Theoretically, yes. Until the first check on the road. But you will not be able to get rights, take insurance, rent an apartment, rent or arrange a car for yourself, fly somewhere and ever legalize your status. To live in constant stress under threat of deportation? Who needs it?

We must be able to do something better than others. It does not matter what it is - to paint, treat people, repair houses or drive a truck, do development or finance ... The main thing is better. And then you will succeed.

The island does not let the bad

Oahu - the most international island. Here, it doesn't matter to everyone, where are you from and how well do you speak English. It is easy to become your own, to find like-minded people and even friends. Here you are judged by how you are. First of all, the person, in second place - a specialist. And decide whether to deal with you or a relationship, or not. Therefore, "byaki" on the islands do not linger.

“You don’t need to hurry and you shouldn’t strain yourself”

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, a worldwide resort, but in the city there is a sense of metropolis. Especially when leaving for freeway at peak times.

About Hawaiians, the glory goes that they are lazy, all they need is fishing, a guitar is a ukulele and the popular grass of pacolola (hemp). But they are hospitable and generous, family and kind, despite the very ferocious appearance and solid dimensions.

Hawaiians live in large and friendly families. On the beach, having heard the accent, they wonder where you are from, and, having learned that they come from Russia, they immediately invite you to the table: “Bra, pliz join ac!” (“Brother, please join!”).

The best place

The cost of living on the islands is the highest in the United States. This is not surprising: successful people from all over the world come here, because here is the cleanest water and air, the comfort and benefits of civilization, the ideal climate and the delights of a tropical island. Life expectancy is second in the world, after Okinawa.

Russian speakers in Hawaii are about six thousand out of a million and a half people in the state. As a rule, these are people who have wandered around the world in search of a better life. So ours arrives!

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