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Historian Tamara Eidelman will give lectures in the United States on responsibility for the atrocities of war

In April-May, Tamara Natanovna Eidelman, historian, teacher, writer, educator and author, will give lectures in the United States of America popular YouTube channel with an audience of more than 1,5 million subscribers.

Photo courtesy of the event organizers

Tamara Eidelman will give the lecture “The Court of History” in the following US cities:

The historian and teacher will hold a meeting with the audience in the form of a dialogue. We will talk about one of the most pressing topics of our time: guilt and responsibility. Tamara Natanovna will talk about how this issue was resolved at different times and in different cultures.

Viewers will be invited to discuss with Eidelman the question of whether collective responsibility exists or is a relic of medieval worldviews.

In different eras and in different countries, people have tried to find answers to questions about who is responsible for atrocities, wars and the killing of civilians. The executioners themselves or the propagandists? Those who participated in the crimes? Or those who were silent? History provides many answers to these questions. Of course, none of them are absolutely true, but during her lecture Tamara Eidelman will offer listeners the opportunity to study how people in different times and eras found or assigned culprits.

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