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The stories of the most insane airplane brawlers and how they are punished

More than 12 of thousands of passenger planes are in the sky every second - the demand for air travel is constantly growing. But with the increase in the number of tourists, aircraft incidents are increasingly occurring that threaten flight safety. Edition Lenta.Ru talked about what can not be done on board the liner, as well as about what threatens to violate the rules for negligent passengers.

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21 January 2018, the departure of the flight Cancun (Mexico) - Moscow (Russia) was delayed for four hours due to a fight arranged by one of the business class passengers. According to eyewitnesses, the woman started a scandal with employees of the airline, and then did not share something with other passengers and climbed into the fray. The debaucher and her friend were taken out of the plane. Alas, this is not the first and, most likely, not the last episode in the long history of airborne combat.

Make destroy

Aggressively or inappropriately behaving aircraft passengers regularly become the cause of flight delays or premature landings. Moreover, they are not always limited to smoking on board and insults. Sometimes rowdy go to active and very eccentric actions.

So, in May 2017 50-year-old Israeli, flying from Tel Aviv to Moscow, drank alcohol, insulted stewards and other passengers, and also tried to open the door of the plane on the fly. The man was transferred Russian police upon arrival. He was prosecuted under the criminal article “Hooliganism” and detained. This was the first time that an airbagshire was prosecuted due to amendments to the relevant code in early April 2017.

Two months later, in July, a passenger from Rostov to Tel Aviv tried to get out of a flying plane. When he was tied to a chair with adhesive tape, he began to cry and bang his head against the porthole. Another Russian who tried to fly out of the plane into the sky was met by police in India and fined 50 thousand rupees (a little over $ 700).

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In December, 2017 American Valerie Carbo first smoked on board an internal flight of one of the US airlines, and then, when she was made a comment for this, she became furious and started yelling that she would destroy everyone on the plane. Until the end of the flight, the insane lady was restrained by other passengers. Upon arrival, she was arrested, but released on bail of $ 75 thousand.

On 3 of January 2018 of the year, a Polish tourist was tired of waiting for him to be released from the plane after landing a flight from London (Britain) to Malaga (Spain). He opened the emergency hatch, went out onto the wing of the plane, grabbing hand luggage, and sat there until the flight attendants persuaded him to return to the cabin. The man was arrested by the Spanish authorities.

Xnumx january football player's wife Andrei Arshavin Alice with two children and their nanny was disembarked from the plane before takeoff. The flight from Moscow to Almaty was delayed for more than an hour and a half due to the fact that the woman violated several rules of behavior on board at once. Alice and her children, despite the comments of the flight attendant, were not fastened at the time when the plane was preparing for takeoff and began to move. The woman also demanded that the nanny be transferred from the housekeeper to the business class without an appropriate ticket. When she felt that “the thing smells like kerosene,” she began offering the team members a bribe of 15 thousand rubles ($ 210). But she was still kicked out of the plane. The wife of the football player did not stop there: from her mobile phone, she began to send SMS messages to one of the stewardesses, where she introduced herself as a major FSB, with threats of dismissal and arrest. "Aeroflot" on its official website saidthat he intends to judicially recover from Alice Arshavina the expenses that the airline incurred in connection with the flight delay.

8 January, at the airport in Phuket (Thailand), a naked man threw feces at the people around him. After the detention, the brawler admitted that he had abused Viagra pills and was therefore “overexcited.” The young American was taken to a local psychiatric hospital for examination.

On 12 on January, a drunken passenger screamed in an airplane heading from Spanish Alicante to Dublin (Ireland), called the stewardess the devil and hit the face of a stranger. The ship's commander decided to prematurely land in order to land a furious rowdy. When she was taken out of the plane, all passengers applauded. The woman was awarded a large fine for her act.

January 14 Domodedovo airport police officers dropped two drunken brawlers from the plane. The flight from Moscow to Vietnam was delayed for an hour because of men who had arranged a skirmish with other passengers on board.

On January 15, on a flight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a business class passenger, Vladimir Kolotygin, while intoxicated, insulted the crew and hit one of the flight attendants. A protocol on an administrative offense was drawn up for a man for failure to comply with the lawful orders of the aircraft commander. A criminal case was initiated under the article “Hooliganism”.

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According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), between 2010 and 2013, there were 20 000 incidents in which passengers violated the rules of conduct on board and at airports. 2014 recorded 9,3 thousands of cases, and 2015 - 10,8 thousands.

If you are not polite

In the US, rowdy can pay in the amount of 10 to 25 thousand dollars. And for an attempt to interfere with the work of the crew, the passenger faces a sentence of up to 20 years. In Japan, violent behavior on board will cost a fine equivalent to 4 800 dollars. In Australia, at the legislative level, they allowed to neutralize insane passengers with a stun gun. Surely this is a more effective method than trying to calm down with words. Moreover, an inadequate passenger will calm down much faster and certainly will not have time to “attach” anyone. In Russia, fights on board qualify as hooliganism, for which a fine also applies. Moreover, its size depends on the airline and on the consequences of the deed. For example, one of the most famous Russian brawlers - Saratov businessman Sergei Kabalov - not only insulted the flight attendant and fought with passengers on a flight to Hurghada in 2013, but also threatened to hijack the plane. For this, he was sentenced to imprisonment for three and a half years and paid $ 5 617. The term was then reduced to a year and eight months.

Aeroflot Airlines website published regulations the behavior of passengers on the plane, as well as a list of sanctions applicable to violators:

  • termination of service with alcoholic beverages of a passenger who is in a state of both intoxication and any other intoxication;
  • seizure from passengers for the duration of the flight (with subsequent return upon completion) of their alcoholic beverages, including those purchased in duty-free shops on board an airplane;
  • the application of coercive measures against a person who refuses to comply with the orders of the aircraft commander;
  • removal of the offending passenger from the aircraft at the nearest boarding point, and in the case of a forced landing by the aircraft, reimbursement by the passenger of additional costs incurred by the airline as a result of its unacceptable behavior;
  • transfer of such a passenger to law enforcement authorities regardless of the state of landing;
  • reimbursement by a passenger of material damage caused to him by an airline as a result of damage to its property;
  • imprisonment (in some countries - up to 2 years);
  • the imposition of a fine of two to five thousand rubles (in some countries - more than 3 000 dollars), or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days;
  • depriving a passenger of the right to further use the services of a carrier, including termination of an already concluded agreement on air transportation, without compensation for its cost;
  • cancellation of visas issued both by the Russian Federation and other states;
  • giving the incident maximum publicity in the media and on special Internet sites;
  • the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of two thousand to five thousand rubles or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days for failure by persons on board the aircraft to comply with the lawful orders of the aircraft commander (Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses, part 6 of Article 11.17 was introduced by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation Federation of 21.12.2009 No. 336-FZ).

IATA members adopted a resolution calling on governments and airline representatives to develop common measures to prevent and control offenses on board. The thing is that in the future, hooligans will be included in a single world black list and will not be able to use the services of air carriers.

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According to studies by the University of Toronto (Canada) and Harvard Business School, the cause of a plane brawl is not always drug or alcohol intoxication. The reason for inadequate behavior, emotional outbursts, smoking on board and other antics of passengers, according to scientists, lies in social inequality.

The study showed that if there is a business class on the plane or when boarding an economy class passenger has to go through the first-class cabin, debauches occur more often. Even a pattern emerged: if the above conditions are present, then in the economy class incidents with passengers occur twice more often, and in the business class - 12 times. Factors such as flight duration, number of passengers and alcohol also affect the frequency of scandals on board.


In addition to brawlers, other passengers can also be expelled from the plane or even not allowed in the cabin.

Even if you do not yell, do not insult anyone or fight, but do not follow the crew’s instructions (walk around the cabin, don’t fasten your seat belts, refuse to disconnect electronic devices or give ambiguous compliments to other passengers), then you interfere with the normal and safe flight . In this case, you have every right to drop off before take-off.

If you are drunk, although quite stumbling yourself peacefully when you enter the plane, you might as well not be allowed in. And they will be right. Suddenly you are now calm, white and fluffy, and on board you will be visited by a "squirrel", and then you won’t have any problems.

If you are a pregnant woman in the late stages. Yes, some airlines take such a measure for safety reasons - yours and the unborn child. In any case, seeing your stomach, airline representatives will require you to sign a guarantee letter stating that you are taking all responsibility for your health from the carrier.

A painful appearance can also cause the carrier to refuse to provide services. If an airline employee considers that your condition threatens the health of other passengers, he can consult with the medical staff of the airport (or plane) and decide not to allow you to fly.

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Inappropriate jokes or threats, such as in the case of rapper Serge. In 2016, he managed to call Vnukovo and say that the bomb was planted on the plane that was supposed to fly from Moscow (Russia) to Minsk (Belarus). He was just late for the flight and thus decided to delay him. As a result, the transport police arrested the musician.

This may sound strange, but unsuitable shoes for some airlines are the reason for the denial of transportation. There is still a grain of logic: if you have high studs or flip flops, then in an emergency you will not be able to quickly and painlessly leave the cabin. 13 December 2017 year, the Australian airline Qantas did not let the passenger into the business lounge because she was shod in ugg boots. Then the carrier explained its actions with a special dress code for VIP passengers, designed so that everyone would "enjoy the flight in a pleasant environment." The airline's innovations caused a wave of indignation in social networks.

It is important to keep in mind that if the crew decided to refuse to transport you, it is useless to argue - take care of the nerve cells, they are not restored. Leave the plane calmly and go to the airline counter. And already there, demand another ticket (costing up to 200 percent of the zeroed boarding pass) or vouchers and miles for subsequent trips as compensation.

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