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Study: Trump's border wall will stop no more than a third of illegal immigrants

President Donald Trump has always associated illegal immigration across the southern border of the United States with the need to build a wall.

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However, according to the Center for Migration Studies (CMS), only one third of illegal immigrants who recently arrived in the United States illegally entered the country across the southern border, the rest legally entered the United States on various visas (mainly workers) and remained in the country after their expiration date writes CBS.

In other words, the wall would not have kept most of the illegal immigrants from entering the United States.

According to CMS, about 42% of 10,7 millions of illegal immigrants living in the US in the 2014 year (the most recent year for which data are available) entered the country legally and stayed in the US after the expiration of their visas. As the southern border became stronger, this number, according to experts, more than doubled.

According to the Pew Research Center, the number of illegal immigrants in the United States reached the 12-year minimum in the 2016 year (the most recent year for which data are available). This was due to a sharp reduction in unauthorized crossings of the southern border by Mexican citizens. The Pew research center estimates that the number of illegal Mexican immigrants breaking out in the USA has decreased by 22% since its peak in 2007.

During the five-year period ending in 2016, just over half a million Mexicans illegally entered the United States across the southern border. According to the Pew Center, this is far less than the 2,05 million in the previous five years ending in the 2007 year.

Although there has recently been an increase in the number of migrants from Central America arriving at the southern border of the United States, the vast majority of them at the ports of entry are seeking asylum in the United States, which is the legal way to enter the country.

Trump made the border wall one of the priorities of his administration. Although since he was sworn in by the President of the United States, some measures have been taken to curb illegal immigration due to visa delays, but these steps have been less resource-intensive.

One of these changes is that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service, as well as law enforcement, are now sending emails to visa holders with warnings that their legal residence in the United States expires, as well as information about what the consequences may be overdue

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, in the fiscal year ending 30 September 2017, about 700 000 foreigners resided in the US on visas that expired in the previous 12 months. The agency estimates that about 15% of them have since left the country, but the rest remain in the United States as illegal immigrants.

According to CMS experts, from 40 to 50 percent of illegal immigrants in the United States entered the country legally, remaining after a delay in visas.

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