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Research: coronavirus mutated into dozens of different strains

According to a new study in China, a new coronavirus mutated in at least 30 different genetic variations. Writes about this Fox News.

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The results showed that healthcare providers significantly underestimated the overall ability of the virus to mutate, finding that different strains infect different parts of the world, which leads to potential difficulties in finding an effective treatment that can cope with all strains.

The study was conducted by Professor Li Lanjuan and his colleagues from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (China).

Researchers analyzed strains from 11 randomly selected patients with coronavirus from Hangzhou, where 1264 cases were recorded, and then checked how efficiently they can infect and kill cells.

More than 30 different mutations of the virus were found, 19 of which were not previously detected.

"Sars-CoV-2 has acquired mutations that can significantly alter its pathogenicity," Lee wrote in the study.

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As of 12:00 p.m. April 22, COVID-19 has infected more than 825 people in the United States and killed at least 000 people. In the United States, more than 45 million tests have been conducted, but experts believe that they need to be increased to cancel quarantine. Worldwide, there are at least 000 million cases.

Lee's team found that some of the most aggressive strains of the virus are capable of generating a viral load 210 times stronger than weak viruses. In addition, aggressive strains kill human cells faster than others.

According to their findings, the “true diversity” of viral strains is underestimated and should be investigated to find a cure or vaccine.

"The development of drugs and vaccines, while an urgent task, must take into account the impact of these accumulating mutations, especially the founder mutations, to avoid potential danger," the authors write.

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