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The most profitable states for middle-income people

SmartAsset published a study report that found out which states are the best for middle-income people. Writes about this Fox Business.

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A finance company found that out of the top 10 states, six are in the Midwest. In its report, SmartAsset defined the middle class as “people earning between $ 35 and $ 000.”

The company analyzed all 50 states for seven indicators, including the percentage of people with an average income, the average income adjusted for cost of living, the five-year change in average income, the average cost of a home, the level of home ownership, the five-year average income, job growth in the classroom and the Gini coefficient.

The Gini coefficient, according to the report, is a "statistical measure of income inequality."

For all of these indicators, SmartAsset used data from the annual American Community survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2014 and 2018.

10. Minnesota

Percentage of middle-income people: 43,3%

Median income with a living wage: $ 72

Average house price: $ 235 400

Home ownership level: 71,5%

9. Wisconsin

Percentage of middle-income people: 46,6%.

Median income with a living wage: $ 65

Average house price: $ 188 500

Home ownership level: 67,1%

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8. Montana

Percentage of middle-income people: 46,9%

Median income with a living wage: $ 58

Average house price: $ 249 200

Home ownership level: 67,5%

7. Vermont

Percentage of middle-income people: 45,8%.

Median income with a living wage: $ 59

Average house price: $ 233 100

Home ownership level: 72,2%

6. South Dakota

Percentage of middle-income people: 48,7%

Median income with a living wage: $ 62

Average house price: $ 171 500

Home ownership level: 67,9%

5. Indiana

Percentage of middle-income people: 47,1%

Median income with a living wage: $ 61

Average house price: $ 147 300

Home ownership level: 68,9%

4. Nebraska

Percentage of middle-income people: 46,4%

Median income with a living wage: $ 65

Average house price: $ 161 800

Home ownership level: 66,1%

3. Iowa

Percentage of middle-income people: 47,3%.

Median income with a living wage: $ 65

Average house price: $ 152 000

Home ownership level: 71,3%

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2. Idaho

Percentage of middle-income people: 48,8%

Median income with a living wage: $ 59

Average house price: $ 233 100

Home ownership level: 70,7%

1. Utah

Percentage of middle-income people: 47,3%

Median income with a living wage: $ 73

Average house price: $ 303 300

Home ownership level: 70,5%

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