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Tests by fire: new challenge in the USA cripples children

A Michigan boy is recovering after receiving second-degree burns. He was set on fire by a girlfriend who decided to accept the challenge by fire - another dangerous challenge spread on the Internet. His story is told by the publication. USA Today.

Фото: Depositphotos

Tabitha Cleary of Dearborn Heights, a city in Wayne County (Detroit Civic Center), said her 12-year-old son spent four days in the hospital after a friend sprayed nail polish remover on him and then set it on fire.

The boy received burns on his chin, chest and abdomen. He was discharged from the hospital. Now he is recovering at home.

Dearborn Heights Police are investigating the incident.

On the subject: Doctors warn of the dangers of a new popular teenage challenge. VIDEO

Like other flash mobs such as the Tide Pod Challenge or Cinnamon Challenge, fire challenge has become a dangerous trend on the Internet. People are doused with alcohol, set on fire, and they burn for several seconds.

Alcohol burns quickly, so the fire is extinguished in a bath or other source of water.

Last year, an 12-year-old girl from Detroit tried to challenge with fire. Unfortunately, 49% of her body burned out.

On the subject: New Dangerous Challenge in the US makes teenagers 'go missing'

An 12-year-old boy from Spartanburg County, South Carolina received 40% of his body burns. He decided to challenge when he stayed at home.

Fire Marshal Brad Hall said that the risk of getting burns increases when alcohol gets on your clothes, because the fabric can catch fire. The danger increases when alcohol is sprayed onto the chest or near the face.

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