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IRS to Launch Tax PIN Codes for All Taxpayers

In January 2021, the IRS will launch the IRS Identity Protection PIN Opt-In program. It is designed to protect personal data and will be available to all taxpayers who can properly verify their identity. Writes about it Salina post.

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IRS Identity Protection PIN Opt-In is a six-digit number assigned to taxpayers to prevent their Social Security Number (SSN) from being used to file fake federal tax returns. This number will help the IRS to verify the identity of the taxpayer and accept their tax return. The Get An IP PIN online tool immediately displays the assigned tax number.

This tool uses Secure Access authentication to verify identity. Taxpayers should consult Secure Access requirementsbefore they try to use the IP-PIN acquisition tool.

Other ways to get an IP-PIN

There are other ways to obtain an IP-PIN if someone cannot pass secure access authentication. Taxpayers with income no more than $ 72 must complete Form 000 (available in January) and mail or fax it to the IRS. The IRS officer will call the taxpayer to verify his identity and ask a series of questions. Those who are authenticated will receive an IP-PIN.

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Taxpayers who cannot verify their identity remotely or are not eligible to submit Form 15277 must make an appointment, visit the Taxpayer Assistance Center, and bring two forms of photo ID with them. This is a personal identity check. When the taxpayer is authenticated, an IP-PIN will be sent to him within three weeks.

Taxpayers should never share their IP-PIN with anyone other than the tax office. The IRS will never call to request a taxpayer IP-PIN.

What taxpayers should know before applying for an IP-PIN:

  • the tool for obtaining an IP-PIN will be available in mid-January;
  • Taxpayers wishing to volunteer for the IP-PIN program do not need to complete Form 14039 (Identity Theft Affidavit).
  • The IP-PIN is valid for one year. Every January, the taxpayer must receive a new one;
  • it must be correctly indicated in electronic and paper tax returns in order to avoid refusals and delays;
  • Taxpayers who have a social security number or individual tax identification number and can verify their identity are eligible for the program;
  • any taxpayer or dependent is eligible to obtain an IP-PIN if they prove their identity.

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Confirmed identity theft

There is no change to the IP-PIN Program for Verified Victims of Tax Identity Theft. These taxpayers still have to complete Form 14039. The IRS will investigate the case and once the fake tax return is removed from their account, they will automatically receive an IP-PIN in the mail at the beginning of the next calendar year.

For security reasons, verified victims of identity theft cannot opt ​​out of receiving an IP-PIN. Verified victims have the option to use the IP-PIN tool to retrieve the lost IP codes previously assigned to them.

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