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Note for immigrants: how to get a job in the US construction industry

According to StatisticsIn the United States, there is an acute shortage of workers in the construction industry. In particular, in New York, the most popular are such specialties as: electrician, plumber, carpenter, builder. Construction companies have difficulty hiring qualified workers for construction projects. Therefore, employees of the above specialties have the opportunity to receive high wages, as well as additional bonuses. Such work can help new immigrants to quickly get on their feet and get a stable income.

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Profession requirements

In order to work in the USA as a builder, electrician or, for example, a plumber, you must have a certificate confirming the presence of a professional skill. In addition, each worker in the construction industry must additionally take an educational course "Safety at the construction site" (OSHA). Workers who do not have OSHA certification cannot be admitted to the construction site.

The main goal of OSHA training is to make people safe. In the process of training, students are explained the risks associated with performing work on a construction site, for example, a fall from a height or electric shocks. In addition, safety rules for working on scaffolding, the rules for using electric tools, the rules for safe loading and unloading of goods, the rules for fire protection, etc. are explained to future employees. The importance of such trainings cannot be underestimated, since human life and health are at stake.

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Where to take a safety course at a construction site OSHA

Valor consulting - This is the only Russian-speaking company in New York that specializes in conducting safety training on construction sites. On the basis of the Valor Consulting educational center, you can take trainings on all existing courses for working in the construction industry - the passage of these courses is strictly controlled by the New York Building Department.

Moreover, according to the requirements of this department, employees of all the above professions are required to complete at least 30 hours of OSHA training and receive a confirmation certificate by December 1 of 2019.

Another recently established additional requirement of the New York Building Department was the provision that construction workers need to take two more educational courses before December 1 this year: the 8-hour Fall Prevention course and the 2-hour Alcohol and Drug Awareness.

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It should be noted that according to the new requirements of the Construction Department, applicants for positions such as Supervisor, Forman, Competent people, must pass 62 hours of training until December 1, including the already mentioned OSHA, Fall prevention, Alcohol and Drug Awareness and 22 hours of other trainings. As already noted, Valor Consulting provides training in all required courses. Classes are usually held in the evenings on weekdays with 16.00 for 5-6 hours.

Those who did not fulfill these requirements and did not receive the relevant certificates before 1 December 2019, will not be allowed to work on a construction site, and even face fines of up to $ 2 500. Moreover, penalties apply to both the employee and the employer.

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For more information, you can go to the site: or call tel .: 917-362-9444 and register for the educational course you need.

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