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Immigrants who make even one mistake may be denied a green card.

September 11 came into force new rules that can significantly complicate the process of legal immigration. Now the immigration authorities can reject the application if it makes at least one mistake or lacks certain data. Lawyers have already called the latest innovation "another stone in Trump's invisible wall," the newspaper writes. USA.ONE.

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The status applicant may not even be aware that his application has been canceled, as the service staff are not obliged to inform immigrants about their verdict, writes Ours in Canada. True, the change of rules statement says that “the new policy will not be used for unlawful refusals and punishments for minor mistakes and misunderstandings”.

If foreigners applying for legalization of immigration status or members of the Diversitu Visa Lotter made mistakes in their statements, the immigration officers informed them about it and offered a chance to improve. The applicants were given a timeline for eliminating errors.

Under the new rules, the officers will decide for themselves: immediately reject the application or, nevertheless, inform the immigrant.

Without proper communication, the alien will not be able to influence the process of reviewing his application. Especially it is necessary to be afraid of a similar innovation to immigrants who extend visas while staying in the United States, because if the application is rejected, the immigrant will be deported upon expiration of the visa.

According to Michael Bars, a spokesman for USCIS, similar rules were introduced to ensure that immigrants take a more responsible approach to the issue of writing applications and filing documents.

Michael Bars notes that foreigners often filled out applications carelessly, knowing that in any case they would get a chance to correct the mistakes made. But immigration lawyers are of the opinion that, because of vague standards, the reasons for refusals will become less objective. Moreover, such cases have already taken place.

For example, one application was rejected because it was missing the 7 page, which is usually not filled out. Another application was not considered, as there was no table of contents and numbering.

In addition, lawyers say that the number of refusals to extend working visas H-1В has increased. In connection with this fact, it is worth noting that President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that immigrants "steal" jobs from Americans.

Earlier we wrote about how the authorities presented the need for visa and immigration changes even before their entry into force.

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The new policy, reported in the July memorandum, “is necessary to prevent the submission of unfounded or incomplete applications, and to encourage applicants, petitioners, persons submitting requests, to be diligent in collecting and presenting the necessary evidence.” The document adds that the new rules "are not intended to impose penalties for innocent mistakes or misunderstandings in the requirements for evidence."

The change has caused concern for immigration lawyers: they are confident that the new policy will lead to a large number of refusals without any opportunity to learn about the reasons. In addition, if a person applies for a visa and is refused without explanation, in order to try again, he will have to pay the necessary fees again - whereas earlier it was possible to simply add the missing data.

“We are still digging in to understand the details, but all this causes us great concern,” said Todd Schulte, president of, the immigration reform group, which was organized by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other technical leaders. .

“The newest series of steps taken by the administration to substantially restrict legal immigration makes it more difficult, costly and bureaucratic for applicants who have to come here and make our country stronger - instead they get stuck in a broken visa system,” said Schulte to CNN.

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