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Israeli drug from COVID-19 showed high efficiency: now it is tested in the United States

In the United States, they started testing an Israeli drug for the first time, which is reported to be 19% effective in the treatment of even seriously ill patients with COVID-XNUMX. Writes about this "Observer".

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Seven Israeli patients at high risk of death due to respiratory as well as heart and kidney failure survived after taking this medicine.

The company Pluristem Therapeutics, which was engaged in the development of the drug, said that the active substance of the drug can suppress the excessive reaction of the infected immune system to the virus. Many patients with COVID-19 die due to too violent reactions to the infection of their own immune system. It blocks virus-infected alveoli in the lungs, which causes their hardening and inability to perform respiratory function.

The company uses the placenta to grow smart cells and programs them to secrete therapeutic proteins in the body of patients.

Yaki Yanai, CEO and president of the company, said that a study would soon take place that could allow the active use of the drug.

“With the green light from the regulators, it will be possible to prepare a vast array of medications. We can make cells very quickly to treat thousands of people, ”he said.

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The treatment, he says, consists of 15-milliliter doses of cells known as dilated placental cells, which are injected through simple intramuscular injections. Once in the body, the cells become, as it were, "a small factory producing therapeutic proteins."

Yaki Yanai clarified: “Patients who are in serious condition and die are actually dying from severe respiratory illness. What is actually happening is a very high level of inflammation and at some point the patient's immune system will attack, mainly in the lungs. ”

Until now, Pluristem technology has been mainly used to treat people suffering from poor blood flow in the legs, but the company's scientists were able to quickly redesign cells for treating patients with coronavirus.

“We take cells from the placenta after a full-term delivery. We managed to develop a technology for expanding cells to a very large number in an environment that mimics the human body. This technology allows more than 20 thousand people to be treated with one placenta, ”he explained.

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