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Elon Musk created a humanoid robot: he will perform 'boring things' for people

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled a prototype humanoid robot at AI Day. The edition told in more detail Fox Business.

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Musk says the Tesla Bot will likely launch next year, stating that the robot "will perform dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks."

The robot will do work that humans don't like to do.

“He will be about 172 cm, weight approximately 55 kg. "It has a kind of screen instead of a face designed for useful information, it will have a built-in autopilot system, and eight cameras," Musk said. “A fully autonomous computer that uses all the same tools as an electric car.”

According to Musk, Tesla Bot will be friendly, as well as rather slow and weak, the latter is insurance against a robotic riot, which science fiction writers love to describe in their books. iXBT.

Tesla Bot will execute simple commands such as "Please take this bolt and attach it to the car with this wrench." He will also be able to buy groceries for his owners and do various chores around the house. The body will be made of lightweight materials. The robot will be able to move at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour and will be able to carry loads weighing up to 20 kg.

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Musk mentioned the economic impact of the robot on the current labor shortage as an example.

In addition to Tesla Bot, the company also unveiled chips designed for its high-speed Dojo computer.

Dojo will help develop Tesla's automated driving system. This is another product that Musk plans to launch next year.

“Tesla is arguably the world's largest robotics company because cars are like robots on wheels,” Musk said.

Tesla has recently undergone a rigorous safety review of its Advanced Driver Assistance System, Full Self-Drive.

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While Musk did not address the safety issues of Tesla's technology, he believes the company's autonomous driving will be safer with modern car cameras and computers.

Democratic Senate members have called on the FTC to investigate Tesla's Autopilot and Total Self-Government systems, citing "serious concerns" about what they called "misleading advertising" of their functions.

Senators called for an investigation just days after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an official investigation into Tesla's autopilot system. Regulators said they have identified 2018 accidents involving Tesla vehicles with autopilot on since 11.

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