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Elon Musk said that artificial intelligence will take away all jobs from people

Elon Musk said that artificial intelligence will take away all jobs from people, which is not so bad, reports CNN.

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“None of us will probably have a job,” Musk said of AI at a technology conference on May 23.

Speaking remotely via webcam at VivaTech 2024 in Paris, Musk described a future in which jobs are "optional."

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“If you want to do something that's like a hobby, you can do it,” the billionaire inventor noted. - But for the rest AI and robots will provide any goods and services you need.”

For this scenario to work, he says, there needs to be a “universal high income” – not to be confused with a universal basic income. He did not explain what this might look like. Perhaps the government will give a certain amount of money to everyone, no matter how much they earn.

“There will be no shortage of goods and services,” Musk assured.

AI and jobs

The capabilities of artificial intelligence have grown so rapidly over the past few years that regulators, companies and consumers are still figuring out how to use the technology responsibly. Concerns also continue to grow about how various industries and jobs will change as AI becomes more widespread in the marketplace.

In January, researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory found that workplaces were adopting AI much more slowly than some had expected and feared. The report found that most of the jobs thought to be filled by AI are not economically feasible for employers to automate.

Experts believe that many jobs that require high emotional intelligence and human interaction cannot be replaced by AI, such as mental health professionals, creative people, and teachers.

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Musk has been outspoken about his concerns about AI. During his keynote address on May 23, he called the technology his biggest fear. The billionaire inventor called Ian Banks' Culture Book Series, a book about a utopian vision of a society driven by advanced technology, the most realistic and "best vision of the future of AI."

However, the entrepreneur doubted that in a future without work, people would feel emotionally satisfied.

“If computers and robots can do everything better than you, does your life have meaning? - he asked. “Humans still have a role to play in this, perhaps, in that we can give meaning to AI.”

Musk tried to convince parents to limit the social media their children can see because “they are programmed by dopamine-maximizing AI.”

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