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Ilon Mask announced a new secret plan Tesla

Ilon Musk Photo: YouTube / TED video frame

In its Twitter Ilon Mask wrotethat work is currently underway on the second part of Tesla’s secret master plan. Details promised to reveal this week.


In 2006, an entry in the entrepreneur’s blog was titled “Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (only between us)” in which the release of the Tesla S and Tesla 3 models was announced.

It is assumed that the message was initiated by the unfavorable situation that has developed around the company: an accident involving a Tesla autopilot is now being investigated in the USA, and Tesla's delivery deadlines for this year are disrupted. In addition, the purchase of the company SolarCity, also owned by Ilon Mask, was criticized. пишет Rusbase.

In addition, Tesla Motors will not be able to fulfill its own annual plan for the supply of electric cars to customers. It is reported that in the second half of 2016, the company plans to produce 50 thousand cars, while in the first two quarters of sales did not exceed 15 thousand. Thus, Tesla Motors will be able to realize no more than 79 thousand electric cars, while the company’s plan is 90 thousand cars by the end of the year, сообщает

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In the U.S. Tesla Mask
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