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Elon Musk is looking for employees in SpaceX: you will be surprised at open vacancies

On Wednesday, May 27, SpaceX Ilona Mask will launch her spaceship Crew Dragon from NASA's Florida Space Center. In anticipation of the launch, the company announced a job fair. Writes about it Fox Business.

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The historic launch will be the first launch of astronauts into orbit on a spaceship of a private American-made company since 2011.

US Vice President Mike Pence said he plans to attend the launch, and officials said that US President Donald Trump is likely to also attend.

SpaceX has a long list of job openings - over 500 - with the promise of "competitive salaries and comprehensive health benefits."

Affordable jobs are mostly located in Texas and California, but there are also ads in Washington, Florida, and the District of Columbia.

Real Estate Coordinator

SpaceX is looking for a Hawthorne, Calif. Real estate coordinator who will "support the team on corporate real estate issues such as identifying potential properties, negotiating leases and acquisitions, dispositions (termination of leases and subleases) and any related matters." - says the publication.

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Applicants with a bachelor's degree in business or real estate require at least three years of experience, but for applicants without a degree, eight years of experience.

Financial analyst

SpaceX financial analyst will work with the company's business partners and provide “analysis and reporting” to management.

Position free at Hawthorne, California. To obtain work, a bachelor's degree in finance, engineering, or a similar subject, as well as “experience in the financial field” is required.

Environmental and Safety Engineer

SpaceX has several jobs for environmental and safety engineers, including Brownsville (Texas), Cape Canaveral (Florida), Vandenberg (California), Hawthorne (California), and Redmond (Washington).

The specialist will create and manage “site-specific security programs”. Getting a job requires a bachelor's degree and at least three years of experience developing “environmental, health, and safety programs.”

Electrical Engineer (satellites)

In Hawthorne, California, the company is looking for an electronic engineer to work on flight equipment, especially satellites.

According to the publication, the engineer will "quickly design, develop, and test highly reliable electronics for satellites."

“We are looking for people who want to plunge into the world of space, and those who are not afraid to make important decisions,” the publication says.

This position requires a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering or similar, and at least two years of professional experience.

Reliability Engineer

Reliability engineer for the assembly and launch of missiles needed in Canaveral (Florida). SpaceX is looking for a person who "will ensure the effective development and implementation of all the rules for the development of spacecraft."

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At least two years of professional experience or internship and an engineering bachelor's degree are among the requirements for this position.


SpaceX is also looking for a barista for an office in Hawthorne, California. A diploma of secondary education and experience in barista for at least six months are required.


Several SpaceX offices are looking for cooks, including in Brownsville and McGregor (Texas) and Hawthorne (California).

A post requires at least two years of experience "in cooking in the kitchen."

Simulation and Simulation Engineer

According to the publication of the vacancy, a modeling and simulation engineer in Hawthorne, California, “will play an important role in the design, optimization, and execution of satellite launches and other missions.”

This position requires an engineering bachelor's degree and experience with “designing and analyzing orbits,” “designing constellations,” and tools for modeling software.

A simulation and simulation engineer will also need top-secret clearance.


SpaceX is looking for a driver who will transport "space production, test and flight components between SpaceX and suppliers within a radius of approximately 100 miles (160 km) of Cape Canaveral," it said.

The report said that the driver will use vans and LTL platforms, and it requires at least three years of driving experience in a professional delivery vehicle to operate.


At McGregor (Texas), SpaceX is looking for a welder.

“This position requires the skills to meet the welding requirements and operational requirements of the equipment,” the publication says. "The person will be responsible for welding equipment and infrastructure of the facilities."

To get a position you need at least three years of professional experience in TIG welding and at least three years of professional experience in working in the environment of technological pipelines.

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