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IKEA has started selling small self-contained homes that cost only $50 but are full of amenities.

For decades, Ikea has decorated and tidied up homes around the world with its ready-to-assemble furniture. Now the beloved Swedish company has taken it one step further with its first tiny home. Travel Leisure.

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Ikea's latest green-focused product doesn't sacrifice luxury or comfort despite its compact size.

According to Lonely Planet, Ikea partnered with Vox Creative, as well as mobile home builder and tiny house company Escape, to develop a tiny house with eco-friendly features.

The trailer, created as part of the Ikea Tiny Home Project, is a modified version of the Escape Vista Boho XL model. Additional features include solar panels, composting toilets and on-demand heated water powered by a trailer, according to Lonely Planet. Potential buyers can get a better idea of ​​what their new home could look like with the online shopping experience created by Vox. The Ikea website allows viewers to explore the house and buy furniture or other knick-knacks to personalize their tiny home.

“It was a natural collaboration,” Escape founder Dan Dobrowolski told Lonely Planet. “We use many Ikea products in our various tiny home projects around the country because they reflect the renewable, reusable and recycled materials we use in actual designs.”

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The custom build took 60 days, and Ikea senior head of interior design Abby Stark told Lonely Planet she "wanted to use renewable, reusable and recycled materials whenever possible to make the space functional and beautiful."

And she succeeded in this mission. The tiny house's panels are made from sustainably sourced pine, and the kitchen cabinets are made from recycled bottle caps. The entire home is also decorated in neutral colors and includes practical features such as built-in storage and a fold-out desk.

The Ikea BOHO XL model from Escape costs $47.

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