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Japan will give Washington another 250 sakura: they will be placed in the Tidal Basin

Japan is presenting 250 young cherry trees to the United States. They will replace those that are set to be destroyed this summer in Washington, D.C., as part of a construction project around the Tidal Basin, reports FoxNews.

Cherry blossoms in park in Osaka

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The gift was announced by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Wednesday, April 10, during an official visit and dinner at the White House. Where to admire cherry blossoms in Washington without crowds of tourists, read our article.

According to President Joe Biden, this number of trees symbolizes the 250th anniversary of the United States, which Americans will celebrate in 2026.

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“Like our friendship, these trees are timeless and inspiring in their bloom,” Biden said.

Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell wrote on April 10 at X that he expressed his "deepest respect and gratitude to Prime Minister Kishida and the people of Japan" for the gift.

“The trees represent a powerful symbol of our friendship as we celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival,” he noted.

Dam condition

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a four-week event held every year in Washington DC. It marks the blossoming of Japanese cherry trees and the arrival of spring.

The events are attended by more than 1,5 million people, according to the festival website.

In 1912, Tokyo donated more than 3000 cherry trees to Washington as a sign of the goodwill of its residents.

Three years later, the United States presented dogwood trees to the people of Japan.

Japanese cherry trees were planted around Tidal Basin in DC, where they remain to this day. However, it recently became known that several hundred cherry trees will have to be cut down this summer to repair the dam around Tidal Basin.

The current levee has deteriorated to the point that the Potomac River floods the area around the cherry trees twice a day at high tide.

Water not only floods the paths along which pedestrians walk along Tidal Basin, but also the roots of some trees.

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The reconstruction will take about three years and $113 million.

One of the sakura trees to be cut down is a short, gnarled tree known as Stumpy.

It inspired legions of fans. Thousands of T-shirts, calendars and souvenirs have been created with his image. 2024 will be the last flowering season for Stumpy.

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