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How to rent cheap accommodation in New York

New York City is way too high. If you’re spending much less money than the market offers.

ForumDaily found out there are lots of people who have been selected.

The American Dream

Alexander Yurchuk had a skyscraper with an ocean view. It was your personal American dream. Alexander came to the US from Moscow in the mid 1990s. Four years ago, Manhattan view.

Alexander took advantage of the affordable housing program Mitchell-Lama Housing, currently offering several hundred apartments. Yurchuk's income was under $ 45,000, so he could hope for a one-bedroom or a studio.

I started by choosing an apartment. Then he filled out a form on its website, printed out his application, bought the order for the program of the NYC Mitchell-Lama Connect. I like to choose the former option. Several months after filling the application.

“I remember opening the envelope, reading: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'VE WON THE LOTTERY. I was so happy then. I was assigned a number and started waiting for an interview, ”Yurchuk recalls.

The line turned out to be very long, so he had to wait for three years. Alexander was interviewed by a committee.

“I’ve seen how I’ve seen it,” he said.

Alexander was offered three options to choose from. He picked a studio in Brooklyn overseeing the ocean. It was $ 480 monthly, with the market cost of $ 1,100.

Yurchuk was not able to move in immediately. He finally got the keys. The program rules are also required.

“It's some kind of a deposit. I would like to However, I cant be appropriate or sell it. If I decide to move out, ”Yurchuk elaborated on the matter.

Did not increase too much.

“This year, I started paying $ 500 monthly. Every year they review payment in relation to my income. If the income goes. This amount includes utility payments as well, ”he said.

Every year Yurchuk's apartment is visited by controllers. It is not a question of this apartment. In case of violin

Who is eligible to participate in housing lottery?

This is a case in point. It is a charge for any citizen.

As a rule, it’s much more affordable. Special lotteries are held to determine where to buy the accommodation. It is why you need it.

On the website of the City Hall of New York you can always see the options for affordable housing. Photo: official website of the city of New York. Image by

It has been recently announced that it’s not a problem. In 10 years 200,000 apartments it will be included in the affordable housing programs.

Currently, several affordable programs are being implemented by different construction companies. The list of firms is a subject to change:

Every month, an updated information map on all available renting options is posted on the official website of City of New York. You can also find accommodation options on the New York State official website.

To be eligible for a lottery, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a certain level income (usually lower than middle). Each program sets its own level. For example, you can not earn less than $ 18,275 per person. With such income level, you are eligible for a studio in Brooklyn rented for as low as $ 494 monthly.
  2. Spend more than the amount of the total amount.
  3. Your credit record should meet the requirements set by constructor.
  4. There are no ongoing litigations, nor is there a subject of prosecution.

All these facts must be confirmed during the interview.

For available affordable housing options, please visit or call 311. Always pay attention to your app.

For instance, you would like to live in a one-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg at 356 Bedford Avenue. To participate in a lot of ways for this facility, you must earn between $ 20,490 and $ 27,640 per year. The deadline for the application was April 29, 2016. If you won the lottery, you would pay $ 532 monthly for the rent. On the average for this accommodation in this area.

How to become a participant of an affordable housing program

Step 1. Registration

First, you need to register at More than 700,000 people have registered at this portal so far. If you are a family, then you need to go ahead. It is recommended. False or incomplete answers will lead to cancellation of your application.

Each program has its deadline set for filing lottery applications. The forms can be submitted both online and via regular mail.

Some mayor’s office cooperatives with several civil society organizations. Full list of organizations can be found here.

Step 2. Processing of applications

Separate lotteries are held for each real estate facility. The number of participants is not limited. 2-10 months after the deadline for submissions.

Step 3. Interview and the package of documents

If you win the lottery, you must be contacted for an interview. It is highly recommended to confirm your participation straight away. If you would like to have a meeting, it would be better for you to receive an invitation.

You must bring the copies of the following documents for the interview:

  • Your birth certificate;
  • Your social security number;
  • Your ID;
  • Your federal and state tax returns for the previous year;
  • Your confirmed address of residence (lease contract);
  • Receipts for rent and utility payments;
  • Certificates of your enrollment.

This is the basic list of documents. Provide your personal data. Please visit the official website of the city of new york for more information.

Step 4. Signing a contract

If you are provided with a lease agreement. You might also be put on the waiting list. You should be informed in the case of the latter. You don’t need to be able to refuse to accept it.

If your application is rejected, you will receive an official letter of rejection. 10 days. The document should be filed with the company in writing.

You have advantages if:

  • You have a disability;
  • Where the real estate facility is located;
  • You work for the city municipal authorities;
  • You permanently reside in New York.

Russian roulette with American property

Moscow-born Natalya Lyutova arrived in New York two years ago with her daughter. Initially, she rented a room in the borough of Queens. In the summer of last year. The woman perused the internet and chose several programs for affordable housing.

“During the registration process, Back then I was earning very little, around $ 1,000 monthly. So I wrote '$ 12,000' in the income box, ”says Lyutova.

Natalya in the lottery. She says she didn’t want any filing fees. She didn’t have any questions. It wasn’t win.

“I made a mistake. Of course, my English is more complicated. If you aim at a modest studio. And I put in two times less amount. I think I wasn’t even considered by the system, ”Natalya says.

Currently Lyutova rents a one-bedroom apartment for $ 1,750 monthly. She spends a lot of time for all payments. So you’ve been thinking about giving it a try.

“Sadder but wiser, I I put in $ 25,000 and added my income. I have noticed several new applications, ”Lyutova elaborates.

The woman is anxious to win but doubts her chances. In Natalia, where she rests with the United States citizens' applications first.

“But I keep dreaming and believing. $ 800- $ 900 apartment. This is a great price for Manhattan, ”Lyutova says hopefully.

One thing is that among the lottery applicants, which is fierce. 200 apartments were distributed in Brooklyn, at 7 Dekalb Avenue, for more than 90,000 people having applied.

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