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Reliable and profitable work in the USA: how to choose a trucking company that is trustworthy

Hundreds of trucking companies open in the United States every year. And almost as many are closing. The cargo delivery industry in America is very profitable, so many people want to try their hand at this business, which from the outside looks quite simple. But in reality, everything turns out to be more complicated - 90% of truck companies in the United States close in the first five years of their existence. The owner loses money and the drivers lose jobs, which are not easy to find in today's volatile market.

Photo: Cadence

In the trucking business, age and size matter. Take, for example, the Chicago company Cadence. 15 years ago, an ordinary trucker decided he was ready to take the next step and founded his own company. Yes, there were potholes and bumps along the road to success, but they were overcome. Currently, Cadence has 450 trucks in its fleet and has a reputation as a confident market giant - stable and reliable.

The main thing is: Cadence is a company created by drivers for drivers. The company's managers themselves started driving trucks, so they understand two main things: 1) being a truck driver is difficult; 2) the success of a truck company depends on the professionalism and loyalty of each driver. Cadence does everything to make the truckers' work experience as comfortable as possible, and is ready to take additional steps if it is necessary to support or retain a good employee.

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New trucks and decent salaries

Cadence's fleet consists of trucks no older than three years old. These are mainly Freightliner and Volvo models with modern navigation and safety systems. Drivers won't have to deal with outdated, hard-to-drive trucks. The company maintains its fleet in excellent condition with the help of its own truck repair shop.

In addition, each driver can choose which type of trailer he is comfortable using (dry vans, reefers, step decks or flatbeds), as well as the payroll format. Cadence pays truckers starting at 70 cents per mile, or 30% of gross, and also has a truck leasing option. At the same time, the company hires drivers with at least six months of experience, that is, essentially newcomers to the industry, who are usually offered lower starting rates.

The income of drivers cooperating with Cadence is not limited only to salary. They have access to many bonuses and privileges.

Photo: Cadence

Bonuses, gifts and support

Over 15 years of operation, Cadence has created a network of amenities for its drivers that motivate and keep them motivated on the road.

PitStop Truck and Trailer: store with a wide range of services, including truck maintenance and repair, gas stations and sales of spare parts.

PitStop Corner Cafe: cafe in Joliet, Illinois, where drivers can dine on home-cooked food and relax in a cozy atmosphere. This establishment has gained popularity not only among truckers, but also among local residents.

Monthly awards for the best drivers: every month the best driver in Cadence receives bonuses for driving more than others, not violating traffic rules, etc. And last year, the company held the grand finale of this competition and presented the best driver of the year with a truck.

Cadence Cares Foundation: the company has created a special fund that supports families with children in need. They provide basic necessities and also help the child gain access to sports programs and activities that families may not be able to pay for on their own.

Help with immigration to the USA

Cadence values ​​good drivers and is not ready to lose them, so it offers them a path to immigration. In particular, a driver can be sponsored for an EB-3 work visa or green card if the person is already in the United States (legal status) and has a CDL A driver's license.

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How to get a job at Cadence

Becoming a tracker with Cadence with access to monthly bonuses, an atmospheric cafe and an exclusive workshop is quite simple. To do this you need:

  • be in the USA;
  • have a CDL license;
  • show a minimum of six months of proven driving experience.

The company, among other things, offers training for flatbeds and step decks, so if you decide to change direction or gain additional skills, you can do this almost without stopping at work.

To get a job as a truck driver at Cadence, fill out this form.

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