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Hillary Clinton passes the mail server to the FBI

Hillary Clinton agreed to hand over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation the server from which she sent personal correspondence during her work as head of the US Department of State.

The FBI will be transferred and flash drives with copies of emails Clinton.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used her personal email server for official correspondence, which is a violation of federal law.

As a result of this story, Clinton was subjected to fierce criticism and came under pressure shortly before the next presidential election in which she intends to take part.

In response to the criticism, she stated that she was ready to publicize the content of the correspondence.

Before transferring the server, the ex-Secretary of State sent the FBI thousands of pages containing letters sent from a personal mailing address.

"Top secret"

According to Hillary Clinton, out of the sixty thousand letters she sent when she was secretary of state — from 2009 to 2013 a year — about half were personal. Those that she considered too personal, she deleted immediately, so they could not be saved on the server transferred to the FBI.

Now the US State Department publishes the next batch of Clinton emails once a month.

However, on Tuesday, State Department officials said they would not release her letters that were post facto classified as "top secret".

This story generated a lot of public interest in the run-up to the elections. A growing number of American voters believe Clinton is "untrustworthy" in polls, in part because of the letter scandal.

One of the leading Republican politicians, Raines Priebus, said that Clinton had no "room to maneuver" amid FBI investigations.

“She knows she's made a mistake, but she's left without a way to fix it,” Priebus said.

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