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The Grand Canyon is especially charming in winter: what you need to know to make your trip a success

Winter is coming in the Grand Canyon. Cold fresh air combined with snow on the tops of red and orange cliffs is worth seeing at this time of year. In winter, there are much fewer visitors, so this unique natural formation will appear before you in all its glory. More about what the Grand Canyon is in winter, told the publication USA Today.

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But to see this miracle of nature in winter, you need to carefully plan everything. Days are getting shorter, temperatures are colder, it is often windy, snowy or icy roads are more likely.

Winter bus schedule

According to the vehicle fleet, shuttle buses run according to the changed winter schedule. Bus service may be suspended at short notice due to bad weather. The wearing of masks is required in minibuses, in parks and in all National Park Service buildings.

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Bus routes for winter 2021:

  • The Hermit Road Shuttle (red) will be suspended for this season. The road will remain open for personal transport.
  • The Village Route (blue) and Kaibab Route (orange) operate from 06:00 daily and stop every 15-30 minutes at designated locations. The Kaibab route (orange) will run an hour after sunset, and The Village will run until 21:00.
  • Hikers Express buses leave at 08:00 and 09:00. They stop at Bright Angel Lodge, Backcountry Office and the Grand Canyon Visitor Center.

Photo: Shutterstock

Driving tips for the Grand Canyon winter

Be prepared for winter driving conditions including possible snow, ice and high winds. Drive according to the conditions and leave a great distance between yourself and other vehicles. Keep essentials like blankets, flashlights, water, and snacks in your car.

For information on roads and weather in the Grand Canyon National Park, call 928-638-7496.

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For road conditions in Arizona, visit or dial 511.

Winter Camping in the South of the Grand Canyon

Camping booking online is not available in December, January and February. Accommodation at the campsite is carried out on a first come, first served basis using a payment machine at the entrance to the campsite. Park officials say that Mather Camp is mostly busy during the holidays.

Desert View Camp is closed. It will only open from April 15 to October 16, 2022. Reservations can be made online.

Photo: Shutterstock

North of the Grand Canyon

North Rim will shut down from December 1 to May 15 when Highway 67 closes for the winter. The hotel, restaurants, shop and petrol station are closed.

North Rim Camping is available for winter use, but can only be reached on foot along the inner canyon trails from the South Rim, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

Visitors will need a permit to camp in the North End during winter. It can be received by fax, mail or in person according to the instructions.

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