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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

Speak as a native speaker: 40 + English conversational expressions

We are used to learning foreign languages ​​from textbooks and books, which, alas, often lag behind live speech, constantly updated with new words. Because of this, it seems to others that we speak too academically and old-fashioned. Fortunately, this flaw is easy to fix.

Фото: Depositphotos rummaged through social networks and modern dictionaries to understand how they speak and what words are often used by native speakers of English today. The result is this list, which we are happy to share with you.

  • IRL - Live (short for in real life).
    Interestingly, most of them are Internet friends (people I have never met IRL).
  • AF - often used to enhance any sign or condition, designating their extreme degree (short for as fuck).
    It's −40 degrees outside. I'm cold AF.
  • GOAT - Best, Excellent (Short for greatest of all time).
    This dress is GOAT. Too bad I can't afford it.
  • SO - pair, second half (short for significant other).
    Me and my SO went to Cuba for a vacation.
  • TBT is a hashtag that is used for nostalgic posts on social networks (short for Throwback Thursdays).
    #TBT to my summer 2010 trip to Mexico.
  • ASAP - Now, Immediately (Short for as soon as possible).
    This work has to be done ASAP.

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  • Babe is an attractive girl, cutie.
    She's such a babe!
  • Basic - similar to the rest, non-original, narrow-minded.
    This girl is so basic. She wears mom jeans with a crop top and goes to Starbucks every day.
  • Bestie is a best friend, a loved one.
    How come you didn't go to Anna's birthday party? She's your bestie.
  • Binge on something - do something without controlling yourself.
    I tend to binge on ice cream. That's why I don't buy it.
  • Binge watch something - watch several episodes of the series in a row, without a break.
    I binge watched 5 seasons of Game of Thrones in two weeks.
  • Bromance is a strong friendship between two men (from the words brother and romance).
    Our bromance started two years ago.
  • Done - to be fed up.
    He cheated on me twice. I'm so done with him.
  • Clapback is a witty response (most often to critics).
    She made a perfect clapback to all the haters.
  • Extra - excessive, putting too much effort.
    John wore a tuxedo to our small Thanksgiving party. He's so extra.
  • Fam is a friend, buddy.
    I'm hanging out with my fams.
  • Fire is a word used to express approval.
    This track is pure fire!
  • Fling is a frivolous hobby.
    Are you dating Laura? No, it's just a fling.
  • Fierce - strong, confident, beautiful.
    Beyonce looked really fierce in her new video.

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  • Ghosting, the act of disappearing in a phantom-like fashion from someone you are seeing, is quite common today.
  • Goals - used to describe things or phenomena that the speaker considers ideal.
    Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are my relationship goals.
  • Homie is a close friend, pal.
    What's up, homie?
  • Lit is awesome.
    Her performance was lit.
  • Low-key (also there is a lowkey option) - without attracting too much attention, secretly.
    I low-key ate an entire cake.
  • Netflix and chill - spend time at home watching TV shows (often used with a hint of intimacy).
    Netflix and chill doesn't sound like a good plan for a first date.
  • Ripped - pumped up, muscular.
    For most guys in the gym, figuring out how to get ripped is a priority.
  • Rip-off - ripping off, unreasonably expensive thing.
    A thousand dollars for a smartphone is a total rip-off.
  • Savage - tough, uncompromising.
    The author's response to critics was truly savage.
  • Shook - shocked, surprised, shocked.
    I've just found out that she's dating Pete and I'm shook. They didn't seem to get on well.
  • Tea - rumor, gossip.
    Call me right back! I got some tea to spill.
  • Thick (thicc, thic variants are also found) - curly, seductive.
    Rihanna's new thick body looks totally awesome.

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  • To be dying - to die of laughter.
    This video is hilarious. I'm dying.
  • To be on point - perfect, impeccable.
    She has a great sense of style. Her outfits are always on point.
  • To call someone out - call for an answer, demand an explanation.
    Calling her out in front of everyone wasn't fair.
  • To fire shots - let go of barbs at someone's address.
    They had a major argument. Some serious shots were fired.
  • To give someone the cold shoulder - ignore, disdain.
    I really tried to make friends with her but she gave me the cold shoulder.
  • To hook up - flirt, roll up.
    Only problem is I don't want to hook up with a stranger.
  • To glow up - prettier, transform.
    She really glowed up after changing her haircut.
  • To have a crush on - have sympathy for someone.
    I have the biggest crush on Steve. I hope he's single.
  • To roast - ridicule, criticize.
    She was roasted so hard she had to delete her Facebook profile.
  • To slay - do something cool.
    You totally slayed it!
  • To stand someone up - to advance, not to go on a date.
    After spending two hours in a bar waiting for my date I realized that she'd stood me up.
  • To stay woke - keep abreast of key events and social issues.
    To live a full life I stay woke.
  • To throw shade - speak disapprovingly, insult.
    I can't believe he publicly called her that. He just threw some serious shade.

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