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US embassies and consulates resume issuing visas: what is known

The US State Department said Monday, July 13, that US embassies and consulates around the world will soon resume providing visa services, although they did not provide details on how and when. Writes about it ABC News.

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The suspension of US visas, with the exception of emergency cases, was one of several ways in which the administration of US President Donald Trump restricted immigration and travel to the United States in a pandemic.

The last step in this campaign was the most controversial - to forbid foreign students to attend classes online in the fall semester. This decision was challenged in court more than a dozen states and more than 200 universities.

"The resumption of regular visa services will be gradual," a State Department spokesman said.

"It is not yet possible to specify a specific date when each embassy will resume the provision of certain visa services," the spokesman added. Having added that one should visit the website of each individual embassy or consulate for more details.

So far, no embassy or consulate has announced plans to renew visa services.

After Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a decree in March authorizing the right to return to the United States members of all foreign diplomatic missions, allowing diplomats and their families to return home for the period of quarantine, many diplomatic missions faced staff shortages.

On the subject: Who and what visas can enter the United States during a pandemic

Since March 20, regular visa services have been suspended in all US missions, services were provided only in emergency cases.

Donald Trump also suspended the issuance of visas of categories H-1B, H-2B, L and J until December 31. H-1B visas are for highly qualified employees in areas such as engineering or information technology, while H-2B visas are for seasonal workers such as food processing or processing.

Even after the resumption of visa services, travel from more than two dozen countries to the US is still prohibited - any foreigner who has traveled in the previous two weeks to China, Iran, the UK, Ireland, Brazil and Europe's Schengen area cannot enter the US.

While the State Department says it is resuming service, one U.S. consulate is temporarily closing. The US Consulate in Cuzco, Peru, will close from July 20 to at least mid-November. US citizens in the area should seek assistance from the US Embassy in Lima, which is 356 miles (572 km) from Cusco - a 1,5 hour flight or 18,5 hour drive.

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