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The US State Department answered questions about the Green Card Lottery. the main thing

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Today, October 5, from 10 to 11 EST, the US Department of State answered chat questions on the green card on its official Facebook page.

During the discussion, the following tips were given:

  • Natives from several countries, including Bangladesh and Nigeria, cannot participate in the dv-2018 lottery. This is due to the fact that the last 5 years from these countries more than 50 thousands of people have immigrated to the USA;
  • Be attentive to the latest requirements regarding photography. Applications with last year's photo from dv-2017 will be disqualified;
  • When filling out the application, do not use the following functions in the browser: backward, forward or update. Please use only the buttons on the application site. They are blue;
  • to fill out the application you have 60 minutes. Therefore, before you start filling out you must have all the necessary information. What exactly do you need you can find in our article.
  • You can and should use the photo tools on the page to make sure that the photo meets all the requirements. Make sure that the background in the photo is neutral, remove all accessories in the form of hats and glasses, the photo’s limitation period does not exceed 6 months;
  • If you have not received a confirmation number, you can submit your application again. If the application was submitted, the system will notify you. Do not try to apply again if the system has already reported a duplicate;
  • you must fill out an application at least a few days before the end of the appointment (November 7) in order to be sure that there is no failure in the system and it has registered you. As a rule, the last three days are the busiest.

The green card is a certificate of permanent resident of the United States of America (Form I-551), confirming the legal status of stay in the country.

Getting a green card through a lottery is one of several existing optionsthat citizens of other countries have. It is suitable for everyone who has completed a secondary education or vocational education that requires at least 2-years of study.

Filling in the questionnaire on the official website between October and November takes about 10 minutes. On the first Monday of May each year, the computer randomly selects 50 thousands of winners. If no luck 1 times, you can try again.

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