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The State Department will hold passport fairs in different states: what is it and why you should go there

Amid a surge in new passport applications, the State Department decided it was time to act drastically. Read more about this publication Travel and Leisure.

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The State Department will hold "special passport fairs." They will be held in public libraries, houses of culture and local city administrations in different states. New events are added weekly and the full schedule is available at US Department of State website.

Fairs are for new passport applications only and can speed up the process. If you want to renew an existing passport, do it by mail.

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If none of the fairs are held near the applicant's residence, the Department maintains a list of post offices and other places that will assist in the processing of passport applications, and this list can be find here by zip code.

Current passport processing times range from 10 to 13 weeks for regular service and 7 to 9 weeks for expedited service. If you have international travel planned within 14 calendar days, you can request an appointment to expedite receipt of your passport.

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