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State Department confirmed another death in the Dominican Republic: more than ten dead

A resident of New York joined the list of dead American tourists in the Dominican Republic, according to the US Department of State, writes CNN.

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The family of the deceased said that the man suddenly became ill, and he died last Monday, 17 June.

The State Department did not provide details about the person’s identity and the reasons for his death, but one family member identified him as 56-year-old Vittorio Caruso from Glen Cove, Long Island.

Caruso’s sister, Lisa Maria Caruso, said Vittorio died due to respiratory distress and a likely heart attack during the holidays.

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According to her, the family received a call and was told that Caruso was sick. A few minutes later they got a call and was told that he was dead.

According to Liza Maria Caruso, her brother-in-law rested in the Dominican Republic after he sold his piece of pizza in Glen Cove, which he owned with his brother during the last 12 years.

The National Police of the Dominican Republic confirmed to CNN that Caruso had died in a hospital in Santo Domingo. According to the police, he was given medical assistance from June 11.

He died of respiratory failure, police said, with reference to a doctor. An autopsy has not been done yet.

The number of mysterious deaths caused some Americans to wonder whether they should undertake previously scheduled trips to the Dominican Republic.

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Meanwhile, a hotel in the Dominican Republic, where American tourists died, I refuse from mini-bars in the rooms.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Nathaniel Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Ann Day, 49, from Prince George County, Virginia, were found dead in a room at the Bahía Príncipe in the resort of Playa Nueva Romana, on the south-east coast of the country.
  • Miranda Schaupp-Werner was found dead in a hotel Grand Bahía Príncipe in La Romana 25 May.
  • Relatives of 51-year-old Yvette Monique Sport told that she went to the resort last June and stopped at the Bahia Principe Resort in Punta Cana. In the room she drank a drink from the minibar and died that night.
  • Delaware Woman severely beaten and left to die at a resort in the Dominican Republic. Tammy Lawrence-Daily said she wants to share her story "in the hope that women will be more knowledgeable."
  • She said that on the second night of her vacation in January at the Majestic Elegance Punta Cana resort, where she arrived with her husband and two friends, she went to the next building to have a snack. She was attacked. The woman's nose and arm are broken, she has partially lost her hearing.
  • A woman from New York claims that because of a soda bottle filled with bleach, she’s was bleeding in the same resort in the Dominican Republic, where at least three American tourists died suddenly.
  • 31 is a summer tourist from Russia Maria Cheremushkina passed away during the holidays Dominican Republic. The incident occurred on the night of June 1. Relatives learned that shortly before the incident, the girl complained of heartache, but the necessary help was not provided to her. For some reason, she was taken to the hospital by taxi, because the ambulance staff refused to call the hotel.
  • Deer Creek High School Alumni (Oklahoma) flew out 8 was in June in the Dominican Republic and settled at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, where at least 2 Americans were killed and several others fell ill. Soon, the teenagers felt bad, they could not establish the diagnosis.
  • 18 June became aware of the death in the Dominican Republic of 55-year-old Joseph Allen from New Jersey. Him body 13 Jun found on the floor of the hotel room.
  • 20 June became aware that 59-year-old Susan Simono passed away on June 19 in New Orleans after she was urgently hospitalized due to fluid in her lungs. Her death came in a week after she returned from her honeymoon in Punta Cana.
  • 21 June family two dead in the Dominican Republic American tourists turned to Fox News when they heard news of nine other victims of the terrible resort. It turned out that 17 was a 2016-year-old resident of Pennsylvania, 69 of September of the year 18, and 2018 of april of 41, XNUMX-year-old from Kansas

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