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Cities with the highest job growth in the country: how much they earn

In one of the best cities in the world, excellent job opportunities have appeared, especially if you work in government and healthcare.

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According to a recent Glassdoor report, in Boston there has been a rapid increase in vacancies over the past year. The report compares job and wage data from September 2018 to September 2019.

In the city of New England, for example, the number of vacancies in various fields of activity increased by 8,4%, and increased noticeably in the sectors of the provision of public services: healthcare and hospitals. Other industries, such as supermarkets, consulting, restaurants and bars, have also opened thousands of jobs throughout the city.

That data could mean less competition for job seekers, said Glassoor senior economist Daniel Zhao.

“Opportunities in Boston are growing very fast. This is a good sign for people who want to move here or change jobs, ”Zhao said, adding that“ opportunities are available for almost any industry that interests people. ”

According to the report, 152 683 vacancies opened in Boston. The average wage in a city where housing prices are approaching the prices of the infamous New York is just 62 000 dollars a year.

Here are cities where the number of vacancies is increasing most rapidly.

1. Boston

Jobs: 152 683

Annual growth: 8,4%

Average salary: $ 61 987 per year

The fastest growing industries: government, supermarkets, non-profit organizations.

2. Philadelphia

Jobs: 112,692

Annual growth: 6,4%

Average salary: $ 57 502 per year

The fastest growing industries: government, media and publishing, restaurants and bars

3. Atlanta

Jobs: 122,889

Annual growth: 5,5%

Average salary: $ 56 059 per year

The fastest growing industries: consulting, media and publishing, aerospace and defense industries.

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4. Washington DC

Jobs: 192,174

Annual growth: 5,2%

Average salary: $ 62 258 per year

The fastest growing industries: telecommunications, beauty and fitness, aerospace and defense industries.

5. Seattle

Jobs: 112,634

Annual growth: 4,8%

Average salary: $ 63 980 per year

The fastest growing industries: government, construction, wholesale

6. New York

Jobs: 311,297

Annual growth: 2,9%

Average salary: $ 64 749 per year

The fastest growing industries: beauty and fitness, restaurants and bars, real estate

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7. Los Angeles

Jobs: 219,451

Annual growth: 2,0%

Average salary: $ 63 526 per year

The fastest growing industries: aerospace and defense, media and publishing, beauty and fitness

8. Chicago

Jobs: 199,193

Annual growth: 1,3%

Average salary: $ 58 504 per year

The fastest growing industries: aerospace and defense, wholesale, restaurants and bars

9. San Francisco

Jobs: 147 461

Annual growth: 0,0%

Average salary: $ 73 861 per year

The fastest growing industries: restaurants and bars, government, manufacturing

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