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Indiana City Will Pay $ 5000 To Move There And Provide 'Granny On Demand'

A small town in Indiana offers people $ 5000 and a “grandparents on demand” service to move there. insider

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Greensburg, Indiana, hopes to expand its population by offering grandparents on demand.

The city is also offering new residents $ 5000 to offset travel expenses.

The city is one of many hoping to attract remote workers since the start of the pandemic.

Small U.S. cities are trying to lure remote workers, and Greensburg, Indiana, believes Midwest hospitality can help.

The sub-30 square kilometer town in Decatur County offers to pay people $ 5000 for city accommodation, as well as about $ 2000 worth of gift cards to local businesses and an annual local coworking and YMCA membership.

The city, home to some 12 people, plans to help remote childcare workers through its Grandparents On Demand program.

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The service will connect new citizens with local senior citizens who will look after children for free.

Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh told Fox 59 that the city hopes to show people in big cities like New York and San Francisco the benefits of the Midwest lifestyle.

Marsh says Greensburg has a strong sense of community and hopes to attract remote workers to the community by helping with childcare as well as hosting delicious dinners at neighborhood homes.

“I am ready to be a grandmother to any child who needs it,” Tami Wenning, executive director of the Decatur County Community Foundation, told the local news channel. "Our community is very warm and welcoming to people, and I just want people to come here and be happy with their choice."

Benefits apply to everyone who moves to the city within the next 6-12 months.

People must also work remotely or self-employed outside the city.

MakeMyMove, an Indianapolis-based group, worked with local officials in Greensburg to oversee the program.

Greensburg is one of many places in the US that are looking to capitalize on the work-from-home boom since the start of the pandemic.

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While many tech workers used teleworking as an opportunity to ditch expensive cities at the start of the pandemic, Insider reported in August that many Silicon Valley and Wall Street workers are returning to big cities as companies return people to personal work for at least a couple of days a week. ...

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