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Lavatory City: New Yorkers cram the streets because of closed public toilets

With the weakening of quarantine, the townspeople had the opportunity to buy cocktails and take-away beer, while the latrines were closed. Therefore, New Yorkers massively relieve themselves right on the streets and in parks. As the temperature rises, the problem will worsen, as stench will also be added to it. This publication writes New York Post.

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New York faced the first problems with the first phase of quarantine cancellation.

Brittany Spano, 27, who works in a beer shop in St. Marks Place, has witnessed the Big Apple return to normal life. Bars and cafes across the Big Apple have started selling cocktails and take-away beer. This created a lot of problems. For example, the fact that the townspeople began to relieve themselves right on the street, since most public toilets remain closed. Considering that there are a large number of protesters on the streets now, the situation is only getting worse. “Last night, a colleague of mine saw a guy just walk outside and pull off his pants to urinate,” Spano said. “This is definitely not an isolated incident on this street, judging by what I've seen. But most people at least walk around the corner or friends cover them. "

The lack of toilets left New Yorkers in a quandary. Restaurants, bars and cafes, where New Yorkers could always relieve themselves, closed their toilets for visitors. In addition, many are afraid to go to the restroom, because they risk getting infected there.

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Moreover, to relieve themselves right on the street is not considered a crime: in 2017, a law on criminal justice reform was passed in New York that decriminalizes low-level offenses.

“My friends and I constantly talk about public urination,” said Sophia, a 23-year-old resident of Park Slope. “After the pandemic, I did it myself in Prospect Park, behind a dumpster in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. All public toilets, such as McDonald's and Starbucks, are closed. If you are far from home, what should you do? "

Another Brooklyn resident who was recently unemployed never leaves home without napkins. “Sometimes when I ride my bike I try not to drink water because I know I have to go to the toilet and there are no options. If I'm going to meet a friend, I have to think about my fluid intake, ”he said.

During the recent Black Lives Matter protests that swept the city, the lack of restrooms was the focus of attention. Twitter account @OpenYourLobby called on museums and theaters to make their toilets accessible to people, create spreadsheets with information about the closest restrooms available.

This decision was a real godsend for 40-year-old Eric Silver and his wife. The couple found themselves stranded after participating in a march between Grand Army Square and City Hall. “We drank a lot of water,” said Silver. “We were a mile from home and were a little worried. We found a toilet at BRIC (Fulton Street Media Center - Ed.) And that was a lifesaver. "

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