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Google, Netflix, Facebook: how much do US programmers earn and where to work better

Stas Shikhov, general director of the recruiting agency ITExpert, claims that many Ukrainian programmers receive up to ten job offers from different companies a day. At the same time, the average salary of an IT specialist in Ukraine is $ 2,5 thousand per month, writes MC Today.

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Netflix developer Alexey Kozyatinsky also confirms that programmers who work for large companies in Silicon Valley regularly receive job offers from competing companies.

The editorial staff of found out what is the salary of a programmer in the USA and how work is arranged in well-known international companies.

When not everything is decided by the size of the salary: where in the USA is it better to work

Since 2007, Glassdoor has anonymously collected employee reviews of the companies they work for. This is information about the amount of salary, work schedule and working conditions. Based on this data, the portal publishes a ranking of the XNUMX best places to work in the United States annually.

In 2020, a third of this list was taken by tech companies. For example, industry giants such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Typically, they provide their employees with free meals and health insurance, allow them to take long maternity leave and use gyms for free.

In first place in this rating is the software development company HubSpot. The average salary of a junior here is $ 117 thousand a year, a senior developer - $ 134 thousand a year, a technical lead - $ 143 thousand a year.

Additional one-time bonuses can range from $ 10 to $ 15. In addition, the company offers such "goodies": unlimited vacation, that is, you can take a break from work for six months, give $ 5 for training if a person needs additional courses, and free books.

Google is in eleventh place on this list, and it is the top-most recognized industry leader. By comparison, Microsoft is 21st, Facebook is 23rd, and Apple is 84th.

On Google, the salary of a junior is enough end-to-end

Alexey Kozyatinsky two years ago worked in the California office of Google, in the Chrome team. He says that the work in this department was comfortable, with a minimum of stressful situations and virtually no deadlines for the delivery of the project. The company has a standard eight-hour working day, free three meals a day and a bus that brings employees to the office every day. At the same time, his salary was enough only for operating expenses, car insurance and rental housing. As Alexei says, he went to zero and it was rarely possible to postpone something.

Roman Apostol also worked at Google, but in the New York office. In 2016, he led the development team. The first three months in the company he was provided with housing and helped to open a bank account. Roman says that his salary was above average (according to the Quora website, the average salary in the company in 2016 was about $ 170 thousand per year. - Ed.), But you need to take into account the difference between prices in America and Ukraine. Roman believes: the salary of a programmer in the United States should be $ 12 thousand per month.

At Google, the salary depends on the level that is assigned to the employee. The higher the level, the more he earns.

There are eleven of them in total. This approach ensures that employees who are at the same level receive comparable salaries. As Osman Ahmed, a former recruiting manager at Quora, says, it's like a pyramid: the higher a person climbs the ladder, the fewer people are at that level and the higher their salary.

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Programmers who have no experience at all or less than one year of experience are assigned the third level (L3). Such an employee can count on an average of $ 160 thousand per year. And, for example, the seventh level - the upper limit for the vast majority of programmers - receives $ 608 thousand a year.

In 2018, experienced programmers Jeff Dean and Sanjay Gemawat were able to reach the last, eleventh, salary level. So far, they are the only ones in the history of Google that have managed to do this. Data on the size of salaries of this level were not disclosed.

You can view the salaries of programmers in Google with a breakdown by levels here... According to the Statista website, at the end of 2020, Alphabet (the parent company of Google. - Ed.) Employed more than 135 thousand people in 50 countries of the world.

Netflix has the greatest freedom of action and the happiest employees

In 2020, the developer Alexey Kozyatinsky moved from Google to Netflix, an American service that allows you to watch movies and TV series by subscription. Alexey says that having reached a certain level in Google, it was difficult for him to grow further. If in Google career growth goes from a junior IT specialist to a senior and higher, then Netflix only hires senior specialists (from the English senior - senior - editor's note).

With the move to Netflix, Alexei's salary also increased. Now he can save much more than before. According to the portal Glassdoor, the average salary of a senior software developer here is $ 243 thousand per year. IT specialists Alexey Kozyatinsky and Sergey Sema argue that it is quite normal to bargain over the level of salaries in international companies, only the figure needs to be reasoned.

Alexey says that Netflix is ​​a company that gives a lot of freedom. There is no code review (from the English - a systematic check of the source code of the program. - Ed.) And fixed processes. The employee does what he considers necessary at the moment, but so that the task is completed.

Netflix is ​​regularly ranked as one of the most attractive companies for tech professionals.

In 2020, Business Insider published the results of a survey of employees in the United States: it showed that the largest number of happy people work in Netflix. Nearly 86% of respondents said they are very happy with their job here.

You can view Netflix programmer salaries by country here... According to Statista, at the end of 2020, Netflix employed more than 9 people in 14 countries around the world.

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On Facebook, the farther from California, the lower the salary

Programmer Pavel Krotkov got into Facebook for an internship at the university. Pavel says that the whole process - from the first interview to the beginning of the internship - took him two years. After a year of internship, the young man was offered to stay on Facebook, where he now works as a senior development engineer.

IT industry expert Harge Taggar says Facebook and Google are setting the tone for the entire Silicon Valley in terms of US programmer salaries. Others are guided by these companies.

Like Google, Facebook ranks programmers in terms of knowledge and experience. The size of the salary also depends on this. The entry level at Facebook is called E3. Pavel Krotkov says that you can grow from a junior level of an IT specialist to an intermediate (E4) here in two years, and in three more years you can get an E5 level, a senior programmer.

Today, the average salary of a junior programmer at Facebook is $ 150 per year, plus about $ 15 in additional bonuses.

In May 2020, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that over the next ten years, half of the company's employees will work remotely. He added that those who decide to move to other US cities or even countries will receive a salary depending on where they live. First of all, this is due to the cost of rental housing. The closer to California and Silicon Valley, the higher the rent and the higher the salaries. The further, the lower the amount of compensation.

You can view the salaries of programmers on Facebook with a breakdown by country here... According to the Statista website, at the end of 2020, more than 58 thousand people were working on Facebook.

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