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Trump's head and a zombie baby: what tricks do drivers in the US use to drive along a grace strip

In Arizona, a driver was detained who drove an artificial skeleton to use a special lane for transport with passengers. Writes about this with the BBC.

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Police noticed a skeleton dressed and tied to a passenger seat, after which they asked a 62-year-old man to get out of the car. Subsequently, the driver was fined.

State authorities said that about 7000 drivers violate the rules for using concessionary lanes on the roads each year.

The Department of Public Security also warned other drivers not to resort to such antics.

The public safety tweet contains a photo from the car with a "skeleton" wearing a camouflage hat sitting in the passenger seat.

The driver from Arizona is not the first to take dubious steps to get around the rules according to which car drivers without passengers cannot use preferential lanes.

What is so special about such a lane that drivers agree to break the law and pay a fine, but still do not give up trying to enter it? The thing is that only cars with passengers can enter the preferential lane (also called “carpool”).

In addition, there are no traffic jams in this lane, that is, while you are driving in a regular lane and waiting for hours until traffic decreases, drivers travel freely through the carpool.

Also in the USA there are so-called stops for those who want to pick up passengers. Although few people in the United States want to take a stranger to their car, the prospect of standing in a traffic jam for several hours is less tempting. Therefore, drivers often pick up fellow travelers, which makes it possible to quickly and without traffic jams get to their destination along the preferential lane. Some drivers come up with various ways to trick the police, "creating" their own passengers from the available means.


The driver of the state of Washington is tired of long trips to work. Instead of allowing cars with passengers to overtake him again and again, he decided to join them, putting a plastic skeleton in a sweatshirt with a hood on the passenger seat, writes Reader's Digest.

A motorist drove like this for several months before being finally caught, earning himself a fine of $ 454.


Honestly, the car was a hearse, the driver was an undertaker, and the body was in a coffin. The driver claimed in court that the coffin in the back seat should be considered the second passenger in his car.

Corporate Documents

According to the First Amendment to the US Constitution, the Supreme Court regarded corporations as people - so why should a transportation decision be different? So thought one Californian man when his only passenger was the incorporation documents for his business strapped to the passenger seat. The judge didn't buy it and forced the man to pay a $ 478 fine.

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Donald Trump Head

A Washington driver fastened Trump's cardboard head to the front of the passenger seat.

The most interesting person in the world

Another variation on the cardboard passenger theme (also from Washington State) is a bust of Dos Equis 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' character, wearing a T-shirt and tightly fastened.

Bottle of champagne in a car seat

Traffic policemen quickly find the fraudster. But even Californian officer Alvin Yamaguchi had to work hard to bring the swindler to clean water. “He had a blanket that covered the baby seat,” Yamaguchi said. - I pointed at him and asked to take it off. There was a bottle of champagne under the covers. "


Officer Yamaguchi's favorite story about a guy with an adult German shepherd strapped in the passenger seat. “This guy told me that he should not be fined because the dog is part of the family,” Yamaguchi said.

Passengers for hire

From 2003 to April 2016, traveling in a special lane in Jakarta, Indonesia required a minimum of three passengers in a car. For many motorists, it has become more profitable to hire additional passengers. One 23-year-old woman, a professional passenger since 2012, has thus earned a living, 20 rupees (about $ 000) for one trip to her and her child.

Female mannequin in a hoodie

An officer at the Brea California Police Department stopped the truck to reprimand the driver about his sloppy lane change. It was then that he discovered that the man's passenger was armless - because it was a mannequin wearing a sweatshirt.

Male mannequin in a wig

In Virginia, the driver dressed a mannequin in an elegant button-down shirt and a Bieber-style wig. He was also wearing a seat belt.

Zombie baby

The same Washington policeman who caught the most interesting person in the world shared his other find: in the passenger compartment of a car without a seat there was a fastened pale doll with a disgusting grimace of zombies. This is an example of poor security, even for zombies.

Pillow in a vest

A New York woman put her pillow in a denim vest. The pillow is not very suitable for the role of a fake passenger, even in clothes it will give out the absence of hands.

Firewood in a sweatshirt

A man from Long Island was stopped due to speeding, and then a second fine was issued for his “wooden passenger”.

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Big teddy bear

The 19-year-old girl was stopped for speeding, she did not have insurance. And the passenger turned out to be a giant teddy bear in the passenger seat. For all three crimes, the girl was fined more than $ 800.

Hybrid car

In Ontario, Canada, many hybrid electric vehicles have the right to use the lane for cars with passengers, even if they are occupied by one driver. While the car has a special "green license plate", single drivers are not afraid of traffic jams.

Passengers machine Educational program

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