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Hollywood company will begin filming films in Kazakhstan

The American film studio WonderHill Studios (WHS) begins its activities in Kazakhstan. She bought a stake in the Kazakh film fund WonderSilk Studios (WSS), reports tengrinews.

Photo: iStock.com/Wiphop Sathawirawong

WHS will begin supporting the production of films and TV series in Kazakhstan by attracting Hollywood and local film industry specialists to the projects. The WHS studio operates in New York and Los Angeles.

According to producer Marvin Peart, who owns the studio, the new partnership will mark the beginning of Hollywood's long-term presence in Central Asia. This could be a launching pad for talent from this region to enter the American film industry.

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“Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region are a real source of inspiration and opportunities for creating Hollywood-level entertainment content. We are committed to forming long-term partnerships with local talent to develop the creative film industry in Kazakhstan,” Peart said.

To do this, the company acquired a stake in WSS, a film and entertainment fund from Astana. This company was created and operates within the Astana International Financial Center. Its goal is to support the development of the creative industry in Kazakhstan, which is currently receiving special attention in the country.

The project partners are entrepreneur Abay Sarkulov, who has extensive experience working in the country’s financial institutions, and Carr Bettis, investor and executive chairman of the American investment and consulting company Eternal Sources Tech Partners (ESTech).

New projects

Under the new partnership, WSS will produce and finance mid- and large-budget Hollywood-quality films. Thus, over the next three years, the foundation plans to finance and release up to five films and several television series, one of which is based on the life story of Abay Kunanbayev (Kazakh poet, philosopher, musician, public educator, public figure, founder of Kazakh written literature).

Let us note that together with Hollywood specialists, talented actors and directors from Kazakhstan and Central Asia will take part in WSS projects. Thanks to this, they will be able to gain worldwide fame.

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One of the first WSS projects was the silent black and white short film “Mannequin”. The film will feature the famous Kazakh-American actress Ayanat Esmagambetova, known for her leading role in the blockbuster “Nomad”.

“This cooperation will open up new opportunities for talented actors and directors not only from Kazakhstan, but throughout Central Asia. I am sure that we will see many new world-class projects,” she noted.

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