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Hollywood actress Abigail Breslin married an Odessa citizen

Popular American actress Abigail Breslin got married. Ira Kunyansky, a native of Odessa, became her chosen one, reports Obozrevatel.

Photo: IStock

For the American actress and singer, her breakthrough role was Olive Hoover in Little Miss Sunshine, for which she was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category, becoming one of the youngest nominees in American Academy Film history.

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The actress starred in such films as "Welcome to Zombieland", "Yes, no, probably", the series "Scream Queens" and others.

Abigail dated British actor Freddie Highmore, star of The Good Doctor. Previously, she was credited with relationships with musicians Michael Clifford and Jack Barakat, as well as with artist Tom Sturridge.

Abigail and Ira have been dating since 2017. The actress found her happiness after a traumatic experience. She said she had experienced domestic violence. Breslin clarified that she had been with the abuser for two years. The tyrant regularly raised his hand to her, the star was locked from him in the room. She made the decision to tell her story during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and expressed her hope to help people feel a little less alone.

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The actress's husband was born into a Jewish family and has been living in Los Angeles for many years. Breslin shared pictures from the celebration on her personal Instagram page.

Kunyansky also posted some photos and videostaken by guests. In the pictures, the newlyweds kissed and danced. The couple was also photographed at an altar decorated with roses. Abigail was filmed at the table while her husband was behind her. In another photo, Kunjanski showed off his dapper outfit as he posed with a friend. The 31-year-old from Odessa also shared a photo on his page in which he and Breslin are celebrating with friends in a wedding dress, and wrote: “I love my soulmate.”

It is known that Odessa is engaged in crypto trading in America. He is a longtime friend of the actress. The actress signed one of the photogravures on the social network: “Married my best friend!”

The couple got married after six years of relationship and 11 months of engagement.

26-year-old Breslin chose for an important event not too fluffy white dress with a deep neckline and tulle inserts covering her arms. The artist's light curls were laid in neat waves, and her nape was decorated with a small wicker crown. The groom was in a classic black suit with a white shirt and bow tie.

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