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How to Easily Delete Old Emails in Gmail

Learning how to delete old Gmail emails isn't just about keeping your inbox organized, it's also about improving its functionality and security. With step-by-step guides, you can easily manage your mail, reports CleanEmail.

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A clean Gmail inbox will help you stay on top of things. And if it is full of old letters, then it is difficult to find important ones. When you delete them, you will only see messages that are important now. Read about 27 hidden functions of your smartphone in our article.

Plus, old emails can take up a lot of space. By getting rid of them, you will ensure that your Gmail runs smoothly. In addition, old emails can even be dangerous. They may contain old information that hackers are ready to take advantage of. Keeping your inbox clean isn't just about decluttering. First of all, we are talking about Internet security.

How to Delete Old Emails in Gmail

If you've been using your mailbox for a while, chances are it contains a lot of old messages that can be safely deleted. How can you clear only old messages without deleting new ones along with them? This is done using a simple search query.

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Gmail searches will help you delete all old messages. Here's how to do it using the built-in search function:

Step 1: Create a search query

The Gmail search bar is much more useful than it might seem at first glance. In addition to searching for specific emails by sender, subject and text, it can display groups of similar emails based on common criteria such as category and age.

To display all messages older than a year, you need to copy and paste the following search term into the search bar and press Enter: older_than:1y.

Step 2: Select all search results

If you have correctly filtered (using the suggested options at the bottom of the search bar) your mailbox so that only emails older than one year are visible, click on the “Select” field, and in the window that opens, click the “All” option. This empty square box is located at the top left of the screen, below the Gmail logo. Initially, only the first 100 visible emails will be selected.

Then click the blue “Select all conversations that match this search” to highlight all the messages that match your search query. If there is a specific email that you don't want to delete, check the box next to it to deselect it.

Step 3: Delete Selected Emails

Once you've selected your emails, click on the trash can icon to delete them. Messages will move to the Trash folder, where they will remain for 30 days before being automatically deleted.

Of course, you can manually empty your Trash folder at any time to free up space for storing your email. Just make sure the folder doesn't contain any important messages.

We offer an option to easily delete all unnecessary emails older than one year. If you want to delete letters older than 2, 3 or more years, then in the search query older_than:1y replace one with the required number.

How to Automatically Delete Old Emails in Gmail

Deleting old messages is not enough. Since new emails arrive every day, you should learn how to automatically delete old ones in Gmail. For this:

  • open your Gmail account using a web browser;
  • Click the Settings gear icon and select the View all settings option;
  • go to the “Filters and blocked addresses” tab;
  • click “Create a new filter”;
  • enter "older_than:1y" in the "Contains words" field.
  • click “Create filter” to confirm;
  • select the Remove option and click Create Filter again.

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Gmail will now automatically delete all emails that are a year old (or the setting you specify).

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