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The head of the Department of Finance told details about the next round of quarantine payments

On Sunday, July 26, senior officials from US President Donald Trump's administration said Republicans will include another round of personal coronavirus-related federal financial aid payments in their proposal for the HEROES bill, which will be unveiled this week. Writes about it Forbes.

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“The checks for $ 1 will still be part of a new coronavirus relief package,” White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said July 200.

The head of the Treasury Department, Steve Mnuchin, also mentioned checks, saying that Americans will begin receiving a second payment in August.

Mnuchin and Kudlaw said weekly $ 600 unemployment payments discourage people from returning to work.

Two Republican senators, Marco Rubio of Florida and Tom Tillis of North Carolina, are working to include in the bill some 2 million U.S. citizens who are married to foreigners who have been prevented from receiving their first payment due to their the spouses did not have a valid social security number.

What to expect

According to Stephen Mnuchin, Republicans will present their proposal on Monday, July 27. In addition to the checks, Kudlow said the federal government will extend the eviction moratorium introduced in March, which means tenants won't lose their homes due to inability to pay rent. Kudlow also said there will be a re-employment bonus for Americans returning to work.

On the subject: Second round of coronavirus relief: who will be eligible for money


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the increased unemployment benefits and other benefits are "very important" and opposed a Republican proposal to tie payments to lost wages.

“The reason we decided to pay out $ 600 each was for simplicity. Why don't we just keep it simple? ”Pelosi said.

Key factors

The eligibility criteria for the second check are likely to be the same as the first round — recipients must have no more than $ 75 annually to receive a check for $ 000. Trump previously supported a second round payout plan that many Democrats agreed with.

Republicans, however, are divided, with some lawmakers suggesting fewer checks this time around to meet other recipient requirements.

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