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Giffords launches US gun control campaign

Former Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, has launched a new campaign to tighten gun control laws. The main goal of the current campaign is to protect women from violence with the use of firearms.

Giffords herself miraculously survived after a gunshot wound to the headwhen in the 2011 year, during her meeting with voters, the criminal started shooting at people.

“In our country there is a serious problem that requires an urgent solution. Too many women are victims of violence with firearms, ”ex-Rep. Giffords told a news conference in Washington.

The bipartisan coalition with Giffords led by women politicians such as former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, ex-Governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman, Hollywood stars, including Alice Milano, as well as employees of law enforcement, educational institutions and civil society activists .

All of them seek to draw public attention to the threat of violence with the use of firearms to which, among other things, women are exposed, and to seek political changes in the name of eradicating this problem.

The campaign, called the Coalition of Women for Common Sense, calls for tougher laws to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of potentially dangerous people, including those prone to domestic violence.

A year after the attack in the city of Tucson, Gabrielle Giffords decided to leave Congress with a view to focusing on restoring health, and later became an active fighter for tightening control over weapons.

Hearings on the issue of tightening control over firearms in the US Senate Legal Committee began in 2012 with a speech by Giffords, who, after being injured, had difficulty speaking and problems of the musculoskeletal system.

The USA is one of the few countries in which the right to own a firearm is protected by the constitution, but because of the easy access to firearms, there are six times more murders in America than in Canada, and 15 times more than in Germany.

Just last week were recorded attacks in two American universities at the same time: first it became known about the shootout at the University of Arizona, in which one person died and three were injured, and then a student at South Texas University was killed.

In America, now and then considered amendments to project to control the sale of weaponsincluding those aimed at toughening check potential buyers of weapons. Last year, after another massacre, some members of Congress required to make changes laws, so that a person whose mental state is dangerous to others, it was easier to put in a psychiatric hospital.

"Forum" wrote earlier about how mass killings affect Americans requests in the Internet. When comparing user requests in Google search, it turned out that US residents are much more likely to find information about where to buy weapons, and not about how to use them.

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