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2018 Heroes of the Year: Our US Immigrants Succeeded

Moving to a new country is associated with adaptation to a new environment, culture and language, so at first it is very difficult for immigrants to start their own business or build a career.

Collage: ForumDaily

However, there are people who after the move managed to achieve great success in the USA. The stories of our immigrants, the success of which we wrote in 2018 year, we have collected in one material.

Uzbek cakes in New York


Nostalgia Iles Murodov at home helped him to get on his feet and learn how to earn big money in the States.

He was born and raised in Tashkent, where he lived with his mother and three brothers. After graduating from the College of Printing, he left for Prague on a student visa to continue his studies.

A friend living in the USA later advised Illes to move to America.

“During the holidays, I collected documents and received a tourist visa to the States, but I didn't want to quit. I thought a lot about moving, but the lack of money, of course, became a decisive factor. So I ended up in Los Angeles, ”the businessman admitted.

The man noticed that the Uzbek cuisine was presented in the United States, but there were no pellets popular among Uzbeks in the country. Illes managed to find them in New York, however, he said, they were not tasty.

So he decided to bake cakes in the USA himself: “For this I had to leave my job and move to New York. I was so excited about this idea that, almost without thinking, I gave up everything and moved to New York. ”

He learned how to make flat cakes, which he had never done before, gradually invested about 90 thousands of dollars into the business and now earns about $ 20 000 per month.

Read more: As a native of Tashkent, he earns $ 20 000 per month on Uzbek flatbreads in the US.

Yale through the eyes of a Russian student

Photos from personal archive

Nadezhda Stryuk graduated from 2017 with a bachelor's degree from Yale University, where she entered independently after the most common Voronezh school. After studying at one of the best universities in the United States, she got a job at an architectural firm in New York.

The girl lived all her life in Voronezh, and when she was in the 8 class, her mother's colleague told her that she was working at a center that helps schoolchildren and students enroll in US universities.

The center was called the Voronezh Regional Council for International Education, it was one of the centers of the American company EducationUSA, which attracts foreign students to the United States, helps and advises them at all stages of admission. Education USA oversees hundreds of centers in 170 countries of the world, and it so happened that one of the centers opened in Voronezh about 20 years ago.

In the center, Nadezhda was told that with a lot of desire and effort it is quite possible to enter top US universities, such as Harvard or Yale, and, most importantly, you can study there for free.

Toward the end of the 8 class, that is, in the 2010 year, the girl began to actively attend classes at the center and prepare for admission.

For the first year and a half, she pulled up the English language, focusing on the TOEFL level, at the same time she learned all the details of the admission process.

And from the beginning of the 10 class, I began preparing for the SAT, which resulted in admission to American colleges. In the summer after 10 class, Nadezhda passed the first exam by American standards. In the fall of the 11 class, she already collected letters of recommendation, wrote an essay in English and assured a statement of all her quarterly ratings from the 8 class.

She began collecting documents in the fall of the 11 class, because the deadline for submitting documents to most US universities is January 1. She ended up applying to American universities at 10, and 29 learned in March that she was accepted at Yale. 18 August girl flew to the United States to study.

Read more: Yale through the eyes of a Russian student: as a girl from Voronezh entered for free in one of the best universities in the USA.

Belorus on Wall Street

Photo: personal archive

33-year-old Yaroslav from Grodno emigrated to America 11 years ago. Unshakable self-confidence helped the Belarusian become a Wall Street broker - the main street of the US Financial District.

In Grodno, Yaroslav graduated from school with in-depth study of English. Then he entered the BSTU at the Faculty of Engineering and Economics. But after the third year I decided to move to the USA.

To become a broker in one of the investment banks, Yaroslav worked 6 days a week for 10 hours a day.

On Wall Street, Yaroslav worked 4 of the year, and after he left the investment bank, he decided to open a New York Dog House restaurant in New York with several friends.

Read more: Revelations of a Belarusian from Wall Street: “I adored my job until my clients lost 17 million dollars”.

Life in the USA from scratch

Maria with her husband. Photos of the heroine of the article

Belarusian Maria Batischeva emigrated to Wisconsin 7 years ago.

Her story began rather trivially - in June 2009, she arrived in America on a student program and two months later decided that she wanted to stay here for good. Despite the fact that at that time she had no friends here, and the level of English left much to be desired, she understood that America opens up a large number of opportunities for a person and is worth a try.

At first, after the move was difficult, the woman got a job as a cleaner at the hotel, then at McDonald's. To pay for an apartment, one had to work on 14 hours of 6 days a week, while receiving minimum 7 − 8 dollars per hour. Now her life has improved, and her financial situation has stabilized.

How she managed to achieve this, read those in the material "Gathered and flew away ': Belarusian told how she built life in America from scratch".

Azerbaijani medicine in the USA

Photo: Elnur Rzayev

When Nargiz Muganlinskaya only moved to the United States, it seemed to her that it was not worth it to leave at all, that it was much easier to realize herself in her country. Many people in her profession, doctors, cannot return to medicine in America. Someone is afraid, someone can not cope. And Nargiz was able to. Today she is a professor at Georgetown University and vice-director of the Department of Internal Medicine at Franklin Square Hospital.

How she succeeded, read in the material “As a doctor from Baku, she was able to return to medicine in America".

Successful career in New York after moving without English

Photo by the author

Daria Karelina is a fitness expert, psychologist, triathlete and marathon runner. It helps people change, both externally and internally. But it was not always so. After the divorce, she decided to try to change something in her life, arriving in New York, completely unaware of the English language, but over time her life completely changed. As well as what needs to be done for this, read the article. ”How to come to New York without knowledge of English and build a career in four years and live in Manhattan".

From Bashkortostan to Hollywood

After success in Hollywood, Alfred Gabidullin became a star in his native Bashkiria. Photo: personal archive

A simple guy from Sterlitamak, a town in Russian Bashkortostan, in which a little more than 270 lives. 000 people, simply greet Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Dwayne Johnson, Terry Crews, Tara Reed. That's because his immigration was successful: he became a member of the actors' guild, has several agents who “beat out” invitations to casting to famous directors at the largest film studios in California.

Read his success story by link.

Ukrainian at the head of a charitable foundation in the United States

Photo: Facebook Anna Morozova

Before settling in Florida, Anna Morozova worked as a journalist and copywriter in Kiev, and traveled around the world with a friend. In 2016, she received an American visa for talented people O-1 and moved to the USA. Across the ocean, she and her husband launched the JCQ Foundation, a charitable foundation that deals with communications. About how Morozov decided to do charity work and why she helps the Americans, read the article “How Ukrainian helps Americans cope with the effects of hurricanes".

$ 25 million in 32 seconds

Vasily Trofimchuk, co-founder of the BitClave blockchain project, which attracted $ 25 million in 32 seconds during the ICO in November, explains how he managed to achieve this, and also tells what benefits the company has in the Silicon Valley office.

Read the details in the material.The number of millionaires in Silicon Valley is simply amazing ”: how did a Russian get $ 25 million in 32 seconds".

13-year-old cooking genius

Photos: Facebook

13-year-old Arina Feigina was born in the family of Leonid and Yulia, who many years ago moved from Belarus to the United States. This year, Ariana participated in the national American Master Chef Junior competition. She has a goal - to create a successful restaurant business. And the dream is to cook something for the president of Belarus. The girl is able to recreate the taste of the description and is already working in this restaurant.

Her success story is in the material. ”How 13-year-old daughter of immigrants from Minsk won the US cooking show".

Ukrainian trains US team in gymnastics

Andrey Stepanchenko Photo: screenshot

Ukrainian specialist Andrei Stepanchenko was preparing the US team in artistic gymnastics for the World Cup, which was held in Qatar from October 25 to November 3.

Stepanchenko has been living in America for many years. He worked as a trainer in a private gymnastics club in Chicago. In 2015 and 2016, he was recognized as the best coach in the USA. For six years he worked as an assistant coach, and in 2017, he became the head coach of the basic US gymnastics training center.

His story read in the material "The Ukrainian is preparing the American national team in gymnastics for the World Cup".

Love immigration


Every Azerbaijani living abroad has his own history of what prompted him to leave his homeland and go to live in another country. The composer Emin Kerimi, who lives in Los Angeles, is love. At home in Baku, he was a famous composer and arranger, a star and author of many hits of Azerbaijani pop stars. In the US, I had to start everything from scratch, but he did it all.

Read more: How an Azerbaijani from love turned out to be in America, he left everything and started from scratch.

Construction business in the USA

Photo: video frame

The Mackiewicz family has been working in the construction business in Greater Boston for many years. They have their own company, and in order to remain competitive, everyone should be involved, even if it means late nights and no days off. Their story of immigration and success in the new homeland, read the material "Ours in the USA: how did a family from Russia manage to make money in immigration in the construction business".

Oscar for Belarus

Daria Zhuk Photo: KYKY

For the first time in the history of the country, a Belarusian film has been nominated for an Oscar. The film was shot by director Daria Zhuk, who has been living between Minsk and New York for more than twenty years. Read about her journey to the Oscars, studying with Hollywood actress Natalie Portman and working for HBO in the material “Harvard, HBO, Oscar nomination and friendship with Portman: as an immigrant from Belarus embodies the American dream".

Immigrant from Azerbaijan, who became an engineer on Twitter

Photo: Adyl Yusifov,

Tural Badyrkhanli is the first student from Azerbaijan to receive a bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Born in the city of Guba, 160 km from Baku, today he works as an engineer at Twitter, in the heart of the IT industry - in Silicon Valley.

How he managed to achieve this, read in the material "How an immigrant from Azerbaijan became an engineer on Twitter and sold them an idea for $ 50 million".

Business since childhood and millions in adulthood

Photo by

A native of Bobruisk, Gennady Vaynerchuk, moved to the USA with his parents at the age of 3, he sold lemonade in his childhood, and sold baseball cards as a teenager: then over the weekend he could earn thousands of dollars. In 14 years he began to take part in the affairs of the family alcohol company Wine Library. And after graduating from college, in five years I increased the turnover of my business from $ 3 million to $ 60 million.

His success story is in the material: “As an immigrant from Belarus, I earned as a child $ 3000 over the weekend and became a millionaire".

Azerbaijani cosmetics in the USA

Photo from the archive of the heroine

Tunzala Eynulla 15 emigrated years ago from Azerbaijan to Massachusetts, winning the Greencard lottery. Having started life from scratch and from the bottom of the career ladder, today she is a chemical engineer, the founder of her own company.

Her success story is in the material. ”As an immigrant from Azerbaijan opened a cosmetics factory in the USA".

From Kazakhstan to American Forbes

Nazim Paltashev is a Kazakhstani who lives and works in the USA. At one time, Nazim sold an apartment in Almaty, went to America and invested money in creating his own clothing brand Soul of Nomad. Today, he has been on the market for only a few weeks, and has already managed to get into Forbes American, in the ranking of luxury brands that bring something new to men's clothing.

Read more: How a Kazakh got into American Forbes and began to wear Silicon Valley billionaires.

Studying in the USA with full scholarship in 16 years

Photo: Instagram masha zabara

In 16 years, Masha Zabara went to study in the USA. One At the same time received a full scholarship. Herself. What came out of it, how participation in competitions helps students earn money and how music education in the United States differs from Belarusian, read the article “Personal experience: how a Belarusian in 16 years received a full scholarship to study in the US".

Work at Google without experience and with a Russian diploma

Yevgeny Krasko is from Yekaterinburg, after graduating from school he entered ITMO at the computer technology department and moved to St. Petersburg. After 2, he transferred to the department of higher mathematics, and at the 4 course he decided that he still needed to do programming. I began to learn practical programming from Java courses at Exigen Services, and went to the Computer Science club for theoretical courses. In parallel, I began to enter the magistracy at the Academic University in the direction of Software Engineering.

In the magistracy he liked and passed internships at Yandex and JetBrains; I began to work as a teacher at the department - and after graduation he remained at the SPbAU postgraduate program. At the same time, after half a year of work, I decided to try Google (approx. YouTube is owned by Google) and received an offer.

His story read in the material "How to get to work in Google without experience and with a Russian diploma".

Belarusian in the World Bank

Mila Pestun is from Belarus, but she lives in the USA for about three years. During this time, the girl managed to get a master's degree and get a job in one of the most attractive places - the World Bank branch.

Read her story in the material “From Belarus to Washington: how to go to study in the USA and get a job at the World Bank".

Multi-million US business

Photo: from the personal archive of Igor Pasternak

Children's dreams are a great power. Unlike other boys, Igor Pasternak, founder of the successful American company for creating airships Worldwide Aeros with an annual turnover of 15 million dollars and orders for the Pentagon itself, never dreamed of a career as a firefighter or cosmonaut. Igor knew from childhood that he wanted to design airplanes. Perhaps the family of engineers and could not be different.

Read the story of his success in the material “Our in America: How to realize your dream and build a multi-million dollar business in the USA".

Azerbaijani in the GUCCI Fashion House


Rovshan Kerimov, an expert on shoes for GUCCI Fashion House, lives with his family in New York and is proud that he is the only Azerbaijani working in GUCCI Fashion House in America. Read about moving, living in the USA and changing your profession. “How did an Azerbaijani get to GUCCI Fashion House in America".

'Uber' marijuana delivery

Alexey Klempner (left) and Roy Edery. Photo:

Alexey Klempner develops marijuana delivery service together with partners Eaze. Read about his move from Ukraine to the USA, his entrepreneurial path, the nuances of his work in the cannabis industry and other projects.As a Ukrainian, Alexey Klempner launched 'Uber' in California to deliver marijuana".

Moldavian on the Oscar Committee

Soviet and American actor, member of the Oscar nomination committee, Boris Leskin was born in Kishinev, Moldova, was a sapper during the Great Patriotic War, served as an actor at the Bolshoi Drama Theater in Leningrad, and then at the age of 57 moved to New York and achieved an outstanding creative success.

His story read in the material "The history of the Soviet actor in the United States: from a courier to a member of the Oscar Committee".

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