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The Justice Department has appointed a special prosecutor who will verify the legality of the investigation of Muller

Attorney General William Barr appointed a special prosecutor to examine the reasons for the Russian investigation and determine whether attempts to gather intelligence information related to Donald Trump's election campaign in 2016 were "legitimate and appropriate". This position was received by the federal prosecutor from Connecticut, John Durham.

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The investigation will be conducted by prosecutor John Durham, reported Fox News informed sources. This step is due to the fact that the Trump administration repeatedly requested clarification as to why the federal authorities were observing and whether the Democrats were colluding with foreign actors.

Earlier, two sources told the publication that Barr had recruited the Department of Justice personnel for the investigation. According to Fox News, Durham is known as a “hard, bulldog grip” attorney.

Sources say that the period before the 7 of November 2016 will be central to the investigation, authorities will investigate the use and initiation of whistleblowers, as well as potential violations of the Foreign Intelligence Observation Act (FISA).

In September, an informant who worked for US intelligence, 2016, presented himself as a researcher at the University of Cambridge and tried to identify any possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia from George Papadopoulos, Trump's former foreign policy adviser. Papadopoulos told Fox News that the informant was trying to “seduce” him in a “strange” episode.

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Durham had previously investigated corruption in law enforcement, the destruction of the CIA’s video recordings, and the FBI’s Boston office relations with gangsters. He is going to continue the work of the chief federal prosecutor in Connecticut.

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In January, Republicans from House of Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows wrote a letter to Durham asking for a meeting, stating that they “discovered” that the Durham office “is investigating the unauthorized disclosure of information by the FBI adviser to James Baker”.

The new case of Durham will be conducted in parallel with the investigation of the General Inspector of the Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, who since March 2018 has been examining potential violations of FBI supervision procedures.

Republicans also appealed to Utah state attorney John Huber, who was appointed a year ago by then Attorney General Jeff Sesshn to review not only violations of the oversight by the FBI and the Department of Justice, but also an investigation by the authorities of the Clinton Foundation.

Durham’s appointment occurred about a month after Barr told Congress members that, in his opinion, “espionage did take place” in Trump’s campaign on 2016. He later said he did not mean anything offensive, and noted that he was assembling a team to study the results of the investigation.

The report of the special prosecutor Robert Muller said that the Trump campaign did not enter into an agreement with the Russian side, despite the numerous proposals of the Russians.

Prosecutor John Durham. Photo: Justice Department

By issuing a secret warrant to spy on Trump's former assistant, Carter Page, the FBI simply copied from the controversial article in the Washington Post that Trump’s company had been compromised. The bureau also repeatedly assured the court that it “did not believe” the involvement of the former British spy Christopher Steele in an article in Yahoo News, in which it was said that Page mentioned mentioning an agreement with the Russians.

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But the London court records showed that Steele had informed Yahoo News and other reporters in the fall of 2016 about the direction of Fusion GPS, an opposition intelligence and research firm behind the dossier. This company also worked with Ukraine and, according to some assumptions, collected information in favor of the democrats.

FBI internal text messages received by Fox News at the start of 2019 showed that a senior Justice Department official expressed concern about bias in the FISA warrant, but FBI officials insisted on keeping things as they were.

“There is a classified document containing a dossier - all of its pages. There really is no evidence, except for media reports created by journalists, ”said Lindsay Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee.

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Graham specifically quoted John Hill’s message from The Hill that Steele, an FBI confidential informant, explicitly admitted to a State Department contact that he “wanted to merge” his discredited file in order to influence the election of 2016 of the year.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Ukraine allegedly took part in shaping the idea that Trump is associated with Russia, in favor of winning Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election of the year.
  • In late April, US President Donald Trump reported that the US Department of Justice was interested in information on possible links between Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters and Ukraine in 2016.
  • In March, from the walls of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office, headed by Yury Lutsenko, there was information aboutthat a group of prosecutors led by Konstantin Kulik, deputy head of the department of international legal cooperation, has been conducting a five-year investigation into the criminal corruption ties of the runaway president Viktor Yanukovych. Information about the influence of the US Democratic Party together with Ukrainian officials from the previous and current government on the American elections in 2016 and fabrication for this kind of documents came into the field of view of this group.
  • The investigation continued with a new force after the appearance of the audio recording, in which the head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Artyom Sytnik confessed to information leakage organized by himthat was supposed to help Clinton win the presidential election.
  • Ukrainian law enforcement officials said they have plenty of evidence of collusion and misconduct by the Democrats, and they want to share this information with US officials at the Department of Justice. Recently, a Ukrainian court ruled that the leakage of Manafort’s financial information was tantamount to unlawful interference with US elections.
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