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US Attorney General announced to Congress the final findings of the investigation of Muller

US Attorney General William Barr 1 in May testified in the US Congress about the report of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, who was investigating the alleged links between Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters and Russia.

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During his speech, the Prosecutor General stressed that there would be no criminal investigation against Trump for allegedly obstructing justice in the “Russian investigation”, writes “Currently,".

The results of the so-called Russian case after a two-year investigation 24 march was presented.

Barr, who is Mueller’s immediate supervisor, authorized the publication of a report consisting of 448 pages. But at the same time, the document was smeared with pieces that relate to ongoing investigations, as well as to the personal information of persons involved in several cases: US laws require this information to be classified.

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Barr argues that "there were no other abbreviations of the report," but only about "10% of the report" were classified.

“I immediately said that I did not want to release the report in pieces and in the form of a digest. I wanted to release it entirely so that the people themselves could read it and follow Muller’s conclusions, ”Barr emphasized.

However, the edited version of the report does not suit many members of Congress, mainly representatives of the Democratic Party, who now have a majority in the House of Representatives.

In this regard, they wanted to ask questions to the Prosecutor General about how he, as Trump's appointee, had an influence on those who were conducting the “Russian investigation”, and about what exactly was in the “rationalized” pieces of the report.

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Barr, speaking on May 1, separately emphasized that he has known Muller 30 for years and believes that he has “done his job meticulously and thoroughly”. However, he reiterated that Muller in his report “did not provide evidence that Trump obstructed the“ Russian investigation ”. In this regard, Barr said that Trump will not be prosecuted for obstructing justice.

“The state could not prove in this process on the basis of the Muller report that the president, for example, offered one of the witnesses to lie,” he noted.

Republicans in Congress support the findings of the Muller report and believe that he proves Trump’s innocence.

Recall The report does not cast doubt on the fact that Russia and its special services tried to intervene in the elections. US President in 2016 year. However, the investigators did not find that anyone from Trump’s headquarters or other US citizens had any contact with the Russians on this issue or provided them with support.

At the same time in the USA in 2019 began an investigation about the conspiracy of the Democrats with Ukrainian officials in an attempt to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election of the year.

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