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Office noise generator: a site was created for those who are unusual to work from home

Sound designer Stefan Pigeon decided to support everyone who works from home and created a site that generates office noise - Calm Office. Writes about this Lifehacker.

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Users themselves can adjust the sound using the sliders: for example, the sound of a printer or keyboard can be increased, and the chatter of colleagues can be completely removed. There are also prepared presets - “Working air conditioning”, “Lunch break”, “Quiet” and others.

“While some find it difficult to concentrate in a noisy environment, others become addicted to it. Once you've learned to work with disturbing sounds, it's hard to be productive in the quiet of your home, ”says Stefan Pigeon.

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Calm Office became part of Pigeon's project Mynoise. Other sound generators are also available to users: from the Japanese Garden and White Noise to Thunder Clap and the Black Hole. Most of the features are free.

You can use the office noise generator by link.

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