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Where billionaires live: New York tops the top 10 of the richest cities in the world

551 of 2153 billionaire list members by version Forbes 2019 of the year live in only ten cities of the world. The richest people on the planet have a combined wealth of 2,3 trillion dollars, which exceeds the GDP of all countries except seven. What are these cities? The list will surprise you!

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New York has been in the lead for several years now - its 84 billionaires have a combined capital of $ 469,7 billion, which exceeds the GDP of Austria. Most of the world's billionaires have lived in this city for five years. In 2015, New York bypassed Moscow, which has remained in third place for three years - then there were 85 billionaires in the Russian capital, today there are 71.

Here are the 10 cities with the largest number of billionaires (ascending):

10. Mumbai, 37 billionaires

  • Total capital: $ 184,4 billion
  • The richest resident: oil and gas magnate-heir Mukesh Ambani, $ 50 billion

Mumbai is home to what is arguably the most expensive residential building on earth: the $ 27 billion, 1-story Ambani Palace. One of the largest and most expensive weddings in history took place here in December 2018 - the union was sealed by Ambani's daughter Isha and the son of billionaire Ajay Piramala.

9. Seoul, 38 billionaires

  • Total capital: $ 99,9 billion
  • The richest resident: Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee, $ 16,9 billion

All but one billionaire of South Korea live in its largest city, and they are all citizens of this country. The richest people in Seoul control the largest enterprises, including Samsung and Hyundai. South Korea is also the fourth largest online gaming market in the world (over 5,7 billion dollars on Newzoo), and five billionaires in Seoul made their money in this sector.

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8. Shenzhen, 39 billionaires

  • Total Net worth: $ 190,5 billion
  • The richest resident: Tencent CEO Ma Huateng, $ 38,8 billion

The city, which borders Hong Kong, became a "special economic zone" during the reforms in China in the 1980s, and it is also an economic and tourist center. All of the local billionaires "made" themselves. Hui Ka Yan, the second-largest local, worked as a factory technician for 10 years before founding one of China's leading construction companies. Frank Wang became the world's first billionaire creator of drones in 2016, and his co-investor also became a billionaire, both residents of Shenzhen.

7. San Francisco, 42 billionaire

  • Total capital: $ 109,2 billion
  • The richest resident: Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz, $ 11,1 billion

San Francisco, the heart of America's tech revolution, is home to the founders of Uber, Airbnb, and Pinterest. The influx of digital age companies into the region has made it the most expensive city in the US (there are 82 billionaires in the entire Bay Area, including San Francisco and surrounding cities, still fewer than New York). One “runaway”: PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel moved to Los Angeles in 2018.

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6. Shanghai, 45 billionaires

  • Total capital: $ 110,7 billion
  • The richest resident: online commerce entrepreneur Colin Huang, $ 13,5 billion

As e-commerce develops around the world, the wealth of people like Huang, the founder of the online store Pinduoduo, is growing. Shanghai, the largest port in the world, is home to four large parcel delivery companies, each with a couple of billionaires. The city’s richest logistics duo is associated with Yunda Express: Ne Tengün and Chen Liying, co-founders, together own 5,1 billion dollar capital.

5. London, 55 billionaires

  • Total capital: $ 226 billion
  • The richest resident founder of the Russian bank, Mikhail Fridman, $ 15 billion

Five-star hotels in the UK capital more than in any other city in the world, notes RBC. According to Savills, the cost of renting an apartment and working space for one employee in London is about $ 96 thousand per year. And for $ 122 million you can buy a penthouse in a ten-minute walk from Buckingham Palace. So in January of this year, the American billionaire Ken Griffin did. London is considered one of the richest cities also because billionaires from other countries are heading here. Including from Russia. For example, there lives an entrepreneur Elena Baturina, the founder of Euroset Evgeny Chichvarkin, co-owner of USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov, businessman Roman Abramovich.

The richest resident of London, according to Forbes, is a Russian entrepreneur, the founder of Alfa Group, Mikhail Fridman. In 2018, its capital is estimated at $ 15 billion. Three years ago, a wealthy family from Kuwait, Friedman bought a Victorian mansion, Athlone House 1855, located in the Hampstead area in northern London. Housing prices are almost the same as in the center of the British capital. In the two-story Friedman house there are six bedrooms, a study, a gym, a room for yoga, an underground pool, a cigar room and a wine cellar. Before the Russian banker, the most wealthy Londoner was considered to be a native of the USSR, owner of Access Industries investment company Leonard Blavatnik, who now lives in the USA.

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4. Beijing, 61 billionaire

  • Total capital: $ 193,3 billion
  • The richest resident: commercial real estate titan Wang Jianlin, $ 22,6 billion

Beijing is the political, cultural and administrative center of China. Today, more than 21,7 million people live in the city, among them 61 is a billionaire. In recent years, in the Chinese capital, the level of entrepreneurial activity has increased and new innovative enterprises have opened up. And in 2022, the Olympics will be held in Beijing for the second time. Thus, it will become the first city to host both the winter and summer Olympic Games. The most popular industries in which rich Chinese are engaged are technology and real estate. 17 billionaires live in the capital of the republic, having earned their fortune through technological projects. More 12 residents got rich in real estate sales.

In addition, two youngest Chinese billionaires live in Beijing. This is 33, the summer co-founder of Bitmain mining company, Jihan Wu, and 35, the summer founder of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming. With the help of the short video sharing application, the last in one year increased its capital and became the second among the richest people in Beijing. Zhang Imin is second only to retired military and entrepreneur Wang Jianlin, who earned a multi-billion dollar state on the construction of shopping centers. Now he is developing his own Hollywood in China and building Disneylands. In 2013, Jianlin bought Picasso's Claude and Paloma for $ 28 million, and in 2015, Ironman's triathlon competition for $ 650 million.

3. Moscow, 71 billionaire

  • Total capital: $ 336,5 billion
  • The richest resident: gas oligarch Leonid Michelson, $ 24 billion

Moscow is the leader in terms of population among other Russian regions. As of January 2019, the city is home to 12,6 million people. It is the largest financial, industrial, cultural and educational center in Russia. More than half of all banks and financial institutions registered in the country operate here. One “square” of housing in a new building in the capital costs an average of 232,9 thousand rubles. ($ 3576), in the secondary market - 208,1 thousand rubles. ($ 3195) You can rent the cheapest apartment in the Russian capital for 15 thousand rubles. ($ 230) per month. And for the most expensive option, you will have to pay 6,4 million rubles. ($ 98) monthly. This is a three-storey apartment with an area of ​​283 sq. m in an apartment building built in 600 on Prechistenka.

More than 70 billionaires settled in Moscow - about 80% of the richest people in the country. Five of them fell under personal American sanctions: Oleg Deripaska, Victor Vekselberg, Andrei Skoch, Arkady Rotenberg, and Senator Suleiman Kerimov. According to Forbes, the main shareholder of the gas company Novatek and the petrochemical company Sibur, Leonid Michelson, is considered the richest resident of Moscow and Russia. Last year alone, his fortune grew from $ 18 to 24 billion. Michelson enjoys collecting art, often sponsors exhibitions and supports young Russian artists.

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2. Hong Kong, 79 billionaires

  • Total capital: $ 355,5 billion
  • The richest resident: Cheung Kong conglomerate leader Lee Kashin, $ 31,7 billion

Hong Kong is a special administrative region within the PRC. The favorable geographical position and peculiarities of historical development have turned it into one of the largest financial centers of Asia. More headquarters of large companies are concentrated here than in the whole region. The fact is that Hong Kong is among the cities with the highest level of economic freedom. There is no VAT, customs duties, VAT, special contributions and dividend tax. Its economic success is explained by the principles of free trade and the policy of non-interference of the state in the affairs of business. You can register a company in Hong Kong in just a couple of days. It is not surprising that the highest prices for gasoline and housing are recorded here.

Hong Kong residents pay twice as much for fuel as neighbors from mainland China. The cost of owning a personal transport is also quite high. For example, one parking space in the prestigious Jiulong district last summer was sold for $ 760 thousand. Since the economic crisis of 2008, the cost of residential real estate in Hong Kong has grown about four times. According to the German research firm Statista, a square foot here costs $ 4,9 thousand. The booming real estate market has determined the fate of three dozen Hong Kong billionaires. Among them are the owners of development companies Lee Shau Ki and Peter Wu. Like many local oligarchs, they consider real estate to be their main source of income.

1. New York, 84 billionaire

  • Total capital: $ 469,7 billion
  • The richest resident: media magnate Michael Bloomberg, $ 55,5 billion

New York is the largest American city and the leader in the number of super rich people. He has attracted a record number of oligarchs for the fifth year in a row. Here live 84 billionaire, the cumulative state of which exceeds $ 469 billion. In addition, in New York there are two of the world's largest stock exchanges. The city’s most luxurious boutiques are concentrated on Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Lexington Avenue and Park Avenue. Not far from here is the most expensive house ever sold in the United States. This penthouse area 7,3 thousand square meters. m, in which there is a gym, bar, library, as well as basketball and children's playgrounds. In January this year, Ken Griffin, head of the hedge fund of Citadel, acquired it for $ 238 million.

On Fifth Avenue is an apartment worth $ 77,5 million, owned by another billionaire - Leonard Blavatnik. He moved here from the UK. The most famous New York developer, Donald Trump, has been living in the White House for the third year. Instead, 17 other billionaires are now engaged in selling and renting housing in the city. For example, Stephen Roth. His real estate company Vornado owns 70% Trump skyscraper on America Avenue, 1290. Another 40 magnates earned their fortune in the financial industry, including the founder of the hedge fund Icahn Capital Karl Aikan. And the richest resident is the former mayor of New York and the owner of the Bloomberg news agency, Michael Bloomberg, who earned $ 55,5 billion.

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