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Where to meet celebrities in New York

Visiting these top places of high life, you have a chance to meet with world stars in the city of New York.

In close intertwining of New York streets, celebrity meetings can be daily. Keep cool - behind one of the corners you can meet a group of actors and directors preparing to shoot. On Madison Avenue, you can catch a glimpse of Nicole Kidman walking through Barneys ’revolving door. Do not be alarmed, but from all sides you will meet other celebrities - when they ply between cars on the streets, take the subway or catch a taxi in the city. Just like us!

Tourists stumble upon celebrities much less often. But for New York it's a common thing to find out Sarah Jessica Parker in dark glasses, with a haircut a little less voluminous than for filming, as she wanders between the rows in Dean and Deluca. Do not worry about this. If you want to see more of the life of top celebrities, read this article. But for God's sake, do not make a lot of noise out of these meetings - after all, you are in their home.

Luxury services and an abundance of celebrities in Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC

According to rumors, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera stop at this luxury boutique hotel when they arrive in New York. True or not, the premium location on the prestigious Park Avenue and the wide range of stylish cocktail bars on the roof, the pool overlooking the city and the three gourmet restaurants attract many celebrities.

An abundance of fashionistas in a department store Barneys

On one floor, the Olsen twins are pondering new stands for their bags, on the next Jessica Simpson sneaks between the shelves of the latest fashion, and next to Sharon Osborne chooses new shoes from Christian Louboutin - all this is all the celebrity-filled legendary Barneys department store in New York. Without a doubt, the most likely place to meet the stars is their flagship store on Madison Avenue, although there is little likelihood in the smaller stores in Soho and the Upper West Side.

Learn about the latest fashion trends and who will wear them - in Bergdorf Goodman

This location must be in the list of places to visit fashionistas in a string of boutiques and department stores in downtown New York. For more than a hundred years, designers Bergdorf Goodman have attracted a vibrant crowd of celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Johnny Depp, for their impressive windows. Moreover, given that the store is located on Fifth Avenue, the stars will start dating you even before you enter its door - so be on the lookout!

A completely different place - The Spotted Pig

From the street, this bohemian West Village diner doesn't feel like a spot to bump into a celebrity. However, it's not just the food and atmosphere that speaks for itself. Generous portions, a stylish and simple menu, and a city-centered focus have helped transform The Spotted Pig into a Central Perk-like place from Friends - a place where celebrities can be seen drinking ale or eating a late night burger.

Actors, comedians and singers all go to ABC Kitchen

This place seems to be highly rated in Hollywood right now as more and more stars visit Abc Kitchen every week. They say that Natalie Portman, Russell Brand, Katy Perry and Kanye West dined here. Even though the restaurant's location is a little odd (at ABC Carpet & Home), the elegant interior and Jean-Georges-style menus explain why it has gained such popularity.

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