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Where the most illegal immigrants live in the US: in some states they make up almost 8% of the population

About 11 million illegal immigrants live in the USA. They have a significant impact on the economy and the labor market. The latest study identifies the 15 states with the highest percentage of illegal immigrants. Yahoo.

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The Center for Immigration Research defines illegal immigrants as all "foreign-born non-citizens who are not legal residents."

It is difficult to calculate the exact impact of undocumented immigration on the US economy. But those who want to settle in a state with a high percentage of illegal immigrants are concerned about this issue, since it affects the labor market.

Illegal immigration in numbers

Independent non-governmental organizations often publish studies that estimate these costs. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a non-profit and anti-immigration organization, recently published a study that estimated the cost of illegal immigration at $150,7 billion. According to the study, total federal spending on illegal immigrants is $66,4 billion. It also claims that these costs have increased by 45% since 2017. The study also claims that illegal immigrants contribute about $31 billion in taxes.

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While the above figures are alarming, organizations that support undocumented immigrants believe that citizenship for them will boost US economic growth. A study by the Center for American Progress (CAP) claims that legal citizenship for all undocumented immigrants will increase US GDP by $1,7 trillion over 10 years. Such a measure would create 438 new jobs over the same period.

As of 2019, the total number of illegal immigrants in the United States was about 11 million, according to Migration Policy. Mexicans made up 48% of this population. Illegal migrants from El Salvador and Guatemala accounted for 7% each. In 2019, Indians made up 5% of the total number of illegal immigrants in the United States.

The 35-44 age group represented the highest proportion of this population at around 28%. The age group 16 years and younger made up the smallest proportion at about 5%. 46% of illegal immigrants were women.

The highest proportion (21%) of illegal immigrants worked in the construction industry. 16% worked in the hospitality and catering, arts, entertainment and leisure industries.

Here are the 15 states with the highest percentage of illegal immigrants.

15 - Washington
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 3,68%.

The state of Washington is located in the western part of the United States. It is the eighth largest state.

Washington has a significant number of illegal immigrants, with one in twelfth children living with at least one undocumented immigrant. Washington DC has 296 illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants make up 000% of Washington State's total population.

14 - Connecticut
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 3,90%.

The state is located in the northeastern part of the United States. More than 3,5 million people live there. It is the 48th US state by total area. However, it is one of the most populous states. It borders Massachusetts to the north, Rhode Island to the east, and New York to the west.

There are approximately 140 undocumented immigrants living in Connecticut. 000% of undocumented immigrants in Connecticut are part of the workforce, with an employment rate of 76%. Illegal immigrants make up 69% of Connecticut's population.

13 - Virginia
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 3,90%.

Virginia lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the southeastern state of the USA.

There are an estimated 335 illegal immigrants living in Virginia, of whom 000% live below the poverty line. Virginia's illegal immigrant population is 53% of the total population.

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12 - Hawaii
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 3,98%.

Hawaii is the 50th state of the USA. This is a group of volcanic islands located in the central part of the Pacific Ocean.

There are 57 illegal immigrants in Hawaii, according to Migration Policy. Illegal immigrants make up 000% of Hawaii's population.

11 - Georgia
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 3,98%.

Georgia is the 4th largest US state by total area. Almost 48% of Georgia's illegal immigrants are from Mexico. There are 426 undocumented immigrants in the state, which is 500% of the population.

10 - Illinois
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 4,15%.

The state of Illinois, located in the Midwestern United States, is home to over 12 million people. 68% of illegal immigrants in Illinois work in accordance with immigration policy. Illinois has almost 526 illegal immigrants, which is 500% of its population.

9 - New Mexico
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 4,32%.

New Mexico is the 5th largest US state by total area. The state of New Mexico, located in the southwestern United States, is home to 2 million people, 9% of whom are immigrants. New Mexico has 91 illegal immigrants. They make up 000% of the total population.

8 - Florida
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 4,52%.

Florida is one of the states with the highest percentage of illegal immigrants. More than 21,5 million people live in Florida. Florida has approximately 978 people, 500% of whom are of Mexican ancestry. Illegal immigrants make up 19% of Florida's population.

7 - Maryland
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 4,71%.

Maryland is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. This is a relatively small state in terms of total area. However, it is home to over 6 million people. According to the American Immigration Board, 6% of Maryland's workforce is made up of undocumented immigrants. Maryland has 225 illegal immigrants, which is 000% of its population.

6 - New York
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 4,87%.

New York is one of the states with the highest percentage of illegal immigrants. More than 19 million people live here. Nearly 48% of New York's illegal immigrants are below the poverty line. About 958 people, 000% of New York's population are illegal immigrants.

5 - Arizona
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 4,99%.

The state of Arizona, located in the southwestern United States, is home to over 7 million people. About 80% of illegal immigrants in Arizona are from Mexico. About 363 people, 000% of Arizona's population are illegal immigrants.

4 - New Jersey
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 6,26%.

New Jersey, located in the northeastern region of the United States, is the most populous state.

New Jersey is very kind to illegal immigrants. In New Jersey, illegal immigrants enjoy some of the rights of ordinary US citizens, such as minimum wage benefits. New Jersey's 568 illegal immigrants make up 500% of its population.

3 – Texas
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 6,77%.

More than 29 million people live in Texas. Most illegal immigrants in Texas are Mexicans. Texas has 1 illegal immigrants, which is 982% of the total population.

2 - Nevada
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 7,4%.

Nevada is the 7th largest state by total area. More than 3 million people live in Nevada. Until recently, Nevada had the highest proportion of illegal immigrants. There are currently 230 illegal immigrants in Nevada. Illegals make up 500% of Nevada's population.

1 - California
  • Percentage of illegal immigrants: 7,63%.

California has over 39 million people, making it the most populous state.

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California has the highest percentage of illegal immigrants of any state, at about 7,63%. Their presence in the labor market matters because one in 3 workers in California is an undocumented immigrant. The total number of immigrants is 002.

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