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Where in the US get a free higher education

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American education is one of the most effective and prestigious in the world. Many people dream of going to study in the USA, but often high prices for studies prevent this opportunity from being realized.

For example, training in George Washington University costs almost $ 40,5 thousand per academic year, excluding the cost of textbooks and payment for accommodation. In the list of the most expensive universities in the world are American Sarah lawrence college with an annual “entrance ticket” for $ 40,35 thousand, Kenyon College - $ 40,24 thousand, Vassar College - $ 40,21 thousand, Bucknell University - more than $ 36,6 thousand. But today we will tell you about six American universities, where you can study for free!

The cooper union - prestigious private university in New York

The number of applicants for the place - a few dozen candidates. There are no more 1000 students per year. Education costs $ 35 thousand per year, but the whole amount is paid by the university. The cooper union prepares both bachelors and undergraduates.

Macaulay Honors College - part of The City University of New York (CUNY)

This is a college for those planning to enroll in CUNY. Only school graduates are accepted here. That is, if you already have a bachelor's degree, you will not be accepted. To enter there, you need to apply simultaneously to one of the CUNY colleges and Macaulay Honors College. If you are accepted to both, then the cost of training Macaulay Honors College will take over, plus you will get free MacBook, the opportunity to go to study in foreign universities and a free pass to most museums and other institutions in New York. Preference is usually given to residents of New York, however, this program is also available to foreign students.

Yale School of Music - part of Yale University in Connecticut (Ivy League University)

There are programs only for masters and doctors. Yale School of Music Received an anonymous donation, which allowed 100% to give a discount on study to each student.

College of the Ozarks - a private college in Missouri offering only undergraduate programs

235-th in the ranking Forbes (top 5%), College of the Ozarks provides Work program, with which you can earn about $ 4060 per year to study, plus the college will add the required amount to pay for their studies. If you do not have any additional grants and scholarship, the university will allocate $ 13,540 to help you with payment.

Berea college - a private college in Kentucky, which offers education only to bachelors

210-th in the ranking Forbes (top 5%), Berea college also pays 100% training costs. In addition, you do not have to pay $ 24,100 per year, in Berea college acts Work program - All students are provided with work on campus. Although the salary is very small - about $ 1200 per year, it makes it possible to partially pay for housing and other expenses (about $ 6500 per year). Foreign students will also have to pay $ 1000 per year (every year except the first year of study), but the college offers summer work for foreign studentsto help them save this amount. When confirming admission, you will need to pay a deposit of $ 2200, which can be used for university expenses during your studies.

An online university that is worth paying attention to is University of the people

Online university, where professors from various American educational institutions teach. The idea is to give an opportunity to all who could not for some reason enroll in a traditional university, get an education. And completely free. So far he offers only training in two specialties - “business management” and “computer technologies” - in English.

As you can see, even in the USA there is an opportunity to get a free higher education. Of course, being accepted into one of these universities is not easy, but it's worth a try. About all exams and competitions you can read on the websites of universities.

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