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Where in the US you can get a six-figure salary with a bachelor's degree

It is common knowledge that earning a master's degree can lead to high-paying jobs. But in some fields, a bachelor's degree is enough to get you started on the path to a six-figure income. USNews.

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Such a high level of salary cannot be instantaneous, since in many cases workers need to gain experience before moving on to a higher paying position. Employers may also be looking for candidates who have professional certifications, so learning may not stop after college. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following occupations, listed by salary level, can have annual salaries above $100.

Although the bureau indicates that a bachelor's degree is usually sufficient for these fields, some employers may prefer or require candidates to hold a degree or other professional certification.

HR managers

Human resources managers oversee the administrative functions of the business. Among other duties, they often help manage the hiring, interviewing, and hiring processes of the company. According to the BLS, in 2020 HR managers earned an average salary of $121. The BLS predicts that the number of jobs for HR managers will grow by 220% from 9 to 2020.

Compensation and Benefits Managers

Compensation and benefits managers develop the organization's pay and benefits structure. Some managers focus on both compensation and benefits, while others specialize in one or the other.

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According to BLS data, workers in this occupation earned an average salary of $2020 in 125. The BLS predicts employment growth of 130% from 4 to 2020 for compensation and benefits managers.

Aviation and commercial pilots

Airline pilots and commercial pilots are responsible for flying airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft. Flight certificates from the Federal Aviation Administration are required for someone who works as an airline pilot or commercial pilot. According to the latest BLS data, the median salary for this occupation was $2020 in 130. The BLS estimates that jobs are projected to grow by 440% from 2020 to 2030.

Sales Managers

Sales managers manage the distribution of the company's products to customers. This may include assigning sales territories, setting sales targets, and creating training programs for sales representatives, among other responsibilities. According to BLS, the average salary for sales managers in 2020 was $132. According to BLS, the projected growth rate for this position is 290% from 7 to 2020.

Financial managers

Financial managers plan and control the investments and long-term financial goals of their organizations. They often work for banks, investment firms and insurance companies, among other institutions. BLS data shows that financial managers brought home an average salary of $134 in 180. According to BLS data, the financial management profession is projected to grow at 2020% between 2020 and 2030, which is much higher than the average growth rate for all professions.

Petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from underground. This specialty may require office work as well as on-site presence at mining points. According to BLS, in 2020, the average salary of oil industry workers was $137, and from 330 to 2020 this profession will grow by 2030%.

Natural Sciences Managers

Natural science managers supervise the work of scientists such as chemists, physicists, and biologists, spending time both in the office and in laboratories. According to BLS data, the average annual salary for science managers in 2020 was $137. BLS projections show an expected employment growth of 940% from 6 to 2020.

Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Managers

Advertising managers work to increase interest in a product or service by developing effective advertising campaigns. Promotion managers seek to increase a company's sales by managing projects that combine advertising with some sort of purchase incentive, such as a coupon. Marketing managers monitor trends and direct marketing programs and policies. The median salary for these types of positions in 2020 was $141, according to the BLS, which also predicts jobs for advertising, promotion and marketing managers to increase by 490% from 10 to 2020.

Architecture and design managers

These managers oversee the plans and activities of architectural and engineering companies. Their work may be carried out in offices, research laboratories or industrial plants. Requiring at least a bachelor's degree and experience as an architect or engineer, these jobs generated an average annual salary of $149 in 530. According to BLS forecasts, employment in this area will grow by 2020% from 4 to 2020.

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Computer and information systems managers

Computer and Information Systems Managers are responsible for planning, coordinating and managing everything related to computers in their organizations. According to BLS data, these professionals earned an average annual salary of $2020 in 151. The BLS forecast for growth in this profession is 150% from 11 to 2020.

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