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Where it is better not to buy a house in the USA: the list of states with the highest real estate taxes

According to the latest figures from the US Census Bureau, nearly two-thirds of Americans are homeowners and pay property taxes. In which states these payments are a heavy burden for homeowners, and in which - on the contrary, the publication said USNews.

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“While most home buyers take property taxes into account when deciding where to move, tenants also need to be aware of them,” said Stephanie Leiser, a professor at the University of Michigan. "Although tenants will not pay their property tax bills directly, their landlords include these costs in their rent payments."

Property taxes are a heavier burden in some states than others, according to the report. While the average American pays $ 2 annually in real estate tax, in some states people have to spend on average more than $ 471 on it, although in some it is limited to only $ 8 a year.

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Of the 10 states with the lowest real estate tax rates, most are in the south or west, while six of the 10 states with the highest tax rates are in the northeast, although the District of Columbia is among the states with the lowest real estate tax rates. ... According to the report, real estate taxes in blue states are 31,12% higher than in red ones.

The report, which looked at all 50 states and the District of Columbia, used data from the United States Census Bureau to determine the real estate tax rate by dividing the average real estate tax payment by the average state home price, and then using that rate to determine the real estate tax rate. a house worth $ 217 (the national average).

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List of states with the lowest real estate tax rates:

  • Hawaii: 0,28% - $ 606 (for a $ 217 home)
  • Alabama: 0,41% - $ 895
  • Colorado: 0,51% - $ 1
  • Louisiana: 0,55% - $ 1
  • South Carolina: 0,57% - $ 1
  • Delaware: 0,57% - $ 1

States with the highest property tax rates:

  • New Jersey: 2,49% - $ 5
  • Illinois: 2,27% - $ 4
  • New Hampshire: 2,18% - $ 4
  • Connecticut - 2,14% - $ 4
  • Vermont: 1,90% - $ 4
  • Wisconsin: 1,85% - $ 4

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