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Where to find free English courses in New York

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Фото: Depositphotos

New York is one of those cities where, in theory, you don't need to know English to live and work. But since the official language in the United States is English, it is better to know it after all, because it will be easier for you to develop and live in the country, writes Andrey Boychuk in an article for Immigrant porada.

In this article I will talk about free English courses in New York.

What is ESL?

Before talking about the courses, let's talk about how they are called. Courses for studying English as a foreign language in America are called ESL - English as a second language.


More than 40 libraries in 5 areas of New York (Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan and Queens) have ESL courses where you can learn English for free.

Libraries in New York offer 2 training:

1. ESL Classes - these are lessons for those who do not speak English since birth, that is, for those who came here as an immigrant. With these courses, you will be able to improve your level of understanding of speech, as well as speaking and writing skills.

2. Adult Basic Education Classes Are courses for people who speak basic English but want to know it better. I want to insert my two cents. If you even speak English poorly, but can connect a few words, I recommend these courses, because if you study at a higher level, your level will also progress.

Both the first type of lessons, and the second continue for 2 hours, 2 times a week for 10 weeks.

You need to register for these courses. To know the dates when courses start, go to any library and ask about ESL courses. Or email them at Here is the text you can copy and paste into your email:


ESL classes. Where and when can I do it? When does the classes start? (Instead of Brooklyn, insert the area where you live).

Thank you

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

Riverside language program

This is a school that provides free English lessons for immigrants for whom English is not native. Courses 5-hour. Since this program is intensive, effective and free, students in a group are selected according to the lottery system. You are applying, and you are told whether or not you have been selected for the next course. Something like a Green Card raffle. On Online Schools can learn more about when a lottery happens and when to apply.

Here is the address and phone number of this school:

270 W 89th St, New York, NY 10024

(212) 662-3200

Also a list of free and cheap courses you can find on this link. Simply select the area in which you want to learn the language to see a whole list of programs.



This school also provides the opportunity to learn English. is free in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Remember, learning English is very important. Attending courses can greatly help you to improve your level, but it all depends on your desire and enthusiasm for learning the language.


About the Author: Andrey Boichuk - founder Immigrant porada - Platform for Ukrainian immigrants in the United States. Cheerful husband beautiful wife and father of a joyful daughter.

This blog is translated from the Ukrainian language. The original article can be found on the website. "Іmmigrant Porada" (Ukrainian online advice platform for immigrants in the United States).

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