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Forbes recognized Taylor Swift as the highest paid celebrity

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American pop singer Taylor Swift, whose fortune is estimated at 170 million dollars, topped 100's list of the world's highest-paid celebrities, compiled annually Forbes magazine.

In second place is the British group One Direction with a fortune of $ 110 million, and the top three were locked by the American writer, author of detective bestsellers James Patterson ($ 95 million).

“The combined wealth of the world's top 100 highest paid celebrities reached $ 5,1 billion [pre-tax] last year, which is equal to the combined GDP of Belize, Gambia and Bhutan,” Forbes wrote.

Magazine editor Zach Greenberg said that live performances remain the main source of income for celebrities.

At the same time, Taylor Swift was ahead of Adele, who took 9 place in the ranking with $ 80,5 million, Madonna (12 place, $ 76,5 million) and Rihanna (13 place, $ 75 million).

There are also athletes in the top ten - Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who became European Champion as part of his team, he shared fourth place with American broadcaster Phil McGraw ($ 88 million), and Argentine footballer Lionel Messi took the 8 line on the list ($ 81,5 million).

Both Ronaldo and Messi play in Spain - with Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​respectively.

“From soccer games in Spain to concerts in China, fans are willing to part with their money to see celebrities with their own eyes,” writes Forbes editor Zach Greenberg.

In addition to the players, the list also included American basketball player LeBron James (11 place, $ 77 million), Swiss tennis player Roger Federer (16 place, $ 68 million) and British race driver Lewis Hamilton (49 place, $ 46 million).

For the second year in a row, among the movie stars of Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence took the place of the highest paid actress, her fortune is estimated at 46 million dollars (49 is in line with Hamilton).

And on the cover of a new issue of Forbes, the American socialite Kim Kardashian was hit. According to the magazine, 40% of the revenue it received last year was earned using the game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Russians in the first hundred was not there. Last year, the only representative of Russia in the Forbes rating was tennis player Maria Sharapova, who took the 88 line.

In last place in the Top-100 was the American singer Britney Spears. A complete list of the richest celebrities will be published later.

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